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Visualizations of Stripes Of Serendipity In This Classic Home that overlooks the quaint valleys of Punawale forest, composed by founders Kunal Sangle and Anurag Karnik of the multidisciplinary design studio ‘Agneya Designs’. This three-bedroom home spanning 2200 sq. ft. area is based on the concept of the famous Raza painting – ‘Prakriti’ and the colours evoke the five elements of nature across all spaces as per Mahavaastu. A resolution to create a mirage that would resonate pure energies yet keep up with the trends was contemplated in this abode. There is an aura of elegance that lingers through the artworks displayed on the walls, creating a synergy between the colour and material palette. A blank canvas to spotlight the furniture, the house required minimal tactile interventions, with room for more visual stimulations.

Stripes Of Serendipity In This Classic Home | Agneya Designs Pvt. Ltd.

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The entrance has been designed in geometric patterns derived from the Raza painting that reveals itself further in multiple design elements of the living room. These geometric patterns stage a welcome with a play of light and shadows. As one enters, this drama of shadows is further accentuated with a statement wall sculpture depicting the ‘Saraswati Yantra’, symbolizing wisdom and concentration, a geometric form dear to the client’s belief as well as childhood memories.

The living area features TV unit design and wall paintings inspired by the famous Raza painting called ‘Prakriti’ representing the five elements.

Positioned in the East of North-East zone of the house, the living room evokes the ‘Air’ element through the shades of green in the upholstery, panelling, wall art and natural plants. Sage green fluted panels over the parallel walls with concrete texture set a relaxed mood for the space.

The grandeur of this spacious living area has been maximized through careful planning of layout that can comfortably accommodate a family gathering, while also leaving ample room for circulation and spatial perception of openness.

The dining space features a compact rectangular dining table with a marble top and a custom-designed crockery unit. The brass pendant light over the dining table creates a drama with its luminous reflections, accentuating the marble top.

Delving into the master bedroom, an upholstered bed with a statement blue back flanked against the concrete textured wall, complements the subtle yet bold set for the home. The blue and grey colour palette reflects the confluence of space and water elements, owing to its position between West to North of North-west zone.

The second son’s bedroom, on the contrary, resonates the calmness of monochrome in the shades of grey and ice-blue and is characterized by its grooved panelling which continues to extend across different planes, materials and surfaces. Located in the West of South-west, the space element is highlighted through the lighter tones of sky blue and grey.

The first son’s bedroom is vibrant and earthy at the same time, with the rust bed back and Brick-cladded wall as the primary focal elements, complemented by olive green walls. The colours and material together present a sense of warmth, depicting the fire element in the South of South-East direction.

Treading finally into the study and gaming room, symmetry, proportions and geometry address the bi-variate requirement of this space. The West direction of this space has a Space element, hence the beige tones. The veneer here is complemented with earthy beige, accentuated by lighting, making it an appealing visual story. 

Overall, the home is designed such that it transforms into a meaningful dialogue between the aesthetics and functionality.

The master toilet has been kept minimal and elegant with Moroccan flooring. To enhance the perception of space element, the wardrobes have mirrors and choice of colour has been kept strictly white.


Designed by : Agneya Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Project Type : Apartment Interiors

Project Name: ‘Prakriti’

Location: Punawale, Pune

Year Built: May 2022

Duration of project: 4 Months

Project Size:  2200 Sq. Ft

Principal Architect(s): Kunal Sangle & Anurag Karnik

Team Design Credits: Kunal Sangle & Anurag Karnik

Photograph Courtesy: 0nil Shah

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