Sports flooring solutions – choice of floorboard 

Is the old sports floor creaking and screaking every time anyone sets foot on it, or perhaps the athletes are skating around like they were on an ice rink? Perhaps it is time to change the sports flooring once and for all?

It is the perfect opportunity to opt for a high-quality solution that will last for decades. But what should you be looking for when choosing sports flooring for the high school gymnasium or basketball court? It can be a jungle out there.

Key features to look for when buying sports flooring
There are several key features you should have in mind when investing in new high-quality sports flooring. That is durability, maintenance, safety, and performance. Perhaps these are all new words to you in the context of sports flooring, if so, this probably did not help you get any wiser. You can, therefore, read an overview of the four key features below and what each feature is all about.

Durability refers to the floor’s life. When looking at durability you should have the materials in mind. What kind of wood is used for the floorboards and what has been used for the sealing? Hardwood floors with an extremely hard-wearing polyurethane sealing applied in several coats give you the best starting point for a long-lasting sports floor.

If the floor is not easy to clean and maintain, it might be neglected by staff or not done daily. Floors that require light sweeping or cleaning with a machine using very little water should be preferable.

Safety should not be neglected when choosing sports floors. When considering safety, you should look at friction, vertical deformation, rolling load, and shock absorption.

Performance is determined by the kind of flooring chosen for specific sports. For instance, the floor could enhance performance in sports involving any kind of balls by choosing a variant with great ball bounce, as it increases ball control and affects the pace of the game in e.g. basketball. Friction also plays a role in performance since it allows players to move rapidly.

As you might have noticed the features tend to overlap. The key features mentioned are primarily centered on ball games, but you can find more sports flooring solutions here to find the right one to fit your athletes’ needs.

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