The top pool maintenance tips that you must follow

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There is nothing better than having a private swimming pool. It is the best place to have your first swim and practice laps like a pro. Many pool enthusiasts love to use the pool through every season. However, with the approach of the winter months, many will start looking for pool closing services. Yes, we agree that closing a pool is a lot of work, tedious and overwhelming. However, with the right guide, you can balance your pool correctly and protect all your equipment even with the freezing climate. You need to put in a bit of effort so that you can open your pool as soon as spring comes.

Let us have a look at some of the pool winterizing services:

  • Ensuring the removal of debris and leaves from the pool.
  • A thorough vacuuming of the pool.
  • Filter system backwashing.
  • Appropriate lowering of the water level.
  • Water testing, leak detection, and addition of winter chemicals as and when needed.
  • Heater and pump draining and drying.
  • Removal and storage of all the deck equipment including handrails and ladders.
  • Inspection and installation of winter covers.
  • Finally, blowing off the pool deck area along with the equipment pads.
  1. It is all about the timing

As winter months approach, get into the habit of monitoring the water temperatures of the pool consistently by understanding how to clean a green swimming pool. Experts unanimously agree that water temperature below 65-degree Fahrenheit indicates that the pool should be closed. There is a second consideration as well; if your property or the pool has adequate tree coverage, then the number one enemy for the pool is the shedding of leaves during the pre-winter months. In this case, the expert recommendation is to close the pool during the fall, which will prevent the clogging of the filtration system. The earlier you close the swimming pool, the lower is the algal bloom during the spring, which results in a green pool.

Some basic pool maintenance tips

  1. Skimming and scrubbing are good

A pristine pool can be maintained through skimming and scrubbing. Remove all the debris from the surface of the water daily, and if you have a higher budget for maintenance considering an automated vacuum system. Also, consider scrubbing the sides of the pool.

  1. Filters are vital

Quite similar to how the kidneys remove impurities from the body, the pool filter removes dirt, fallen leaves, and other miscellaneous items. Always make sure that you clean the filter basket once every week. Clean out the pipes of the filter system every month through the simple trick of backwashing.

  1. Essential chemical analysis

As per the CDC, these are the following chemical parameters which need monitoring.

  • Cyanuric acid
  • Free chlorine
  • Neutral acidity/alkalinity
  • Water hardness and calcium concentration
  • The total alkalinity
  1. Always schedule yearly service appointments

With pool maintenance, cleaning, and closing, it is always important to trust a professional and expert service. There are several mechanical pieces of equipment like the pumps, filters, and the costly heating systems that require proper knowledge of handling and maintenance. So, it is vital that you schedule a yearly service to check the devices and maintain the pool.

These simple pool maintenance tricks will ensure that you will spend more time in the pool and not caring for it.

3 thoughts on “The top pool maintenance tips that you must follow

  • My cousin noticed that her pool is already full of grimes, which is why she’s thinking of hiring a service that will be able to clean it up. Well, I also agree with you that thorough vacuuming is essential in keeping the pool clean. I’ll keep in mind to remind her that it would be best to clean its filter pipes as well.

  • My cousin noticed that her pool is losing a lot of water due to its cracks. Thank you for sharing here as well the importance of checking its hydrostatic valve. I also agree with you that it would be smarter to hire an expert that may maintain the pool because the latter is equipped with the necessary materials.

  • Properly handling all of the needed chemicals to make the water of a pool perfect for swimming sounds difficult. This is my first new spring season as a homeowner with a pool in my backyard, so I feel like I should try to avoid maintaining that by myself to keep it usable. Once I find a swimming pool contractor in the area, I’ll ask them for some assistance with the chemical maintenance.

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