• Splendid and Sumptuous Home with Luxurious Aesthetics | Arch Studio 18

    In the course of a year, his team of Arch Studio 18 took the challenge of creating an opulent residence interior in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. The client’s desire was to make the residence lavish with upgraded and modern standards of living, adding automatic systems and voice controls with a fancy yet comfortable lifestyle. As a result, the final design is a bold, lavish 4-bedroom apartment that sprawls over 3600 sq ft. With a long lobby connecting all the spaces in the apartment, the 4bhk residence is decorated with all the glitters and rich furniture, according to the demands of the client. With a budget of a crore, the project was completed with classic and luxurious aesthetics.

    Splendid and Sumptuous Home with Luxurious Aesthetics | Arch Studio 18

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    The spaces that needed to be designed were the bedrooms, living space, dining and kitchen, and mandir. The designers took special care of the long lobby which connects the whole space. The color combination of the house is in contrast to dark and light shades which come together to form classic and regal aesthetics.

     The living room finished with PU finishing is enough to get the idea of the whole setting of the house. With the chandelier fan in the middle and furniture complimenting the walls, the living room is a magnificent example of the grandeur this house can offer.

    The tv cabinet made with MDF louvers with grey PU finish marks the center of the room and grabs the attention of every visitor. The designers carefully selected the furniture, artwork, and sculptureswhile having a continuous discussion with the clients. The tv cabinet here acts as a visual divider of the spaces between the living room and dining room, making them look more spacious.

    Continuing the same theme of royalty, the kitchen and dining spaces were designed. With a chandelier as the focus and the mirror lacquered glass on the walls, a contemporary character was created, going in harmony with the furniture.

    The kitchen has a contrasting effect between the natural finished wood texture and laminated black and white custom modular kitchen.

    To segregate the lobby from the family room an MS partition with metal PU finish and the designer glasses in it is created. The stone finish of the inner part is a symbol of a lavish lifestyle and the fluted satvario stone finished tv back wall is the highlight of the room. in the heart of the apartment resides the mandir.

    Considered the most sacred and spiritual space of the apartment, it has CNC cut pattern on the walls while having a coffered pattern ceiling that plays with light and shadow. The concept of common spaces is regal, lavish, and luxurious while every bedroom recited the story of its owner. The diversity in design is visible in the 4 rooms. 

    The bright and vibrant color combination of blue and pink is used in the kids bedroom while other two bedrooms have a regal and neo-classic look .Interesting and playful CNC pattern to make a vibrant  environment for the kids rooms combined with white colored furniture for aesthetic feel and look.

    This luxurious aesthetics design and vision of the architect and the client concluded in a year and the final product is a splendid, and sumptuous home with aesthetics as a priority, the functionality of the house is also top-notch. All the created spaces are visually well connected and adhere to the client’s demands. With the warmth of nature and grandeur of the classical era, the project concluded.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Arch Studio 18

    Project Type: Residence Interior Design

    Project Name: Ilaam (The House Of Peace)

    Location: New Delhi

    Year Built: 2022

    Duration of project: 1 year

    Project Size: 3600 Sq.ft

    Project Cost Appx: 50 Lac

    Principal Architect: Gagan Mahana

    Team Design Credits: Nutan Kumar

    Photograph Courtesy: Arch Studio 18

    Products& Materials: Finishes: ICA | Wallcovering / Cladding: Hdhmr Board | Lighting: Phillips | Sanitary ware: Kohler | Façade Systems: Schuco Windows | Furniture: Narsons and Habitat living | Flooring: Stonex Marble | Kitchen: Magpie kitchen | Paint: Asian paints | Hardware: Lamp hardware

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Arch Studio 18

    Firm’s Facebook Link: Arch Studio 18

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