Space Optimization Was The Mantra for this Navi Mumbai Apartment | The Prop House

6 family members, 3 rooms and 900 sqft. Thus begins the story of this budget-friendly house in Navi Mumbai India with minimal waste. Space optimization was the mantra for this Navi Mumbai apartment. We call this home a mighty midget because it encapsulates the likes and dislikes of 6 individuals, their lifestyle and them as one whole unit and a family, sharing time, space and memories. The design of the house was to belong to one family but still have unique characteristics that define each member.

Space Optimization Was The Mantra for this Navi Mumbai Apartment | The Prop House

Editor’s Note:  The Mighty Midget. Ritika sutwala has indeed created an elegant home that reflects the individuality and the blend of the choices of its residents. This modern contemporary adobe has a perfect blend of neutral tones with a splash of refreshing colors giving the rooms a vibrant characteristic. The space seamlessly flow into each other, while the individual character of each is retained with the interplay of light spans throughout the apartment. ~ Shagun Shah

Navi Mumbai Apartment

Every pocket has one common last name- Modern Contemporary. With various first and middle names. With a longitudinal space which was surrounded by a sea of doors and passages, we needed a centrally anchored island that contained the living and dining, maintaining its individual function.

Navi Mumbai Apartment

As you enter the home you focus on a slatted partition in light Scandinavian wood acting as a privacy shield to the bedrooms, a backdrop to the living sofa and it also doubles up as a bench to the 6 seater dining. The two faced partition acts as an anchor that divides the space in a most non-intrusive manner.

The unit is subtly highlighted by waffle like wooden shutters light, airy and breathable. The Tv wall is clad in grey veneer forming a chevron pattern, the remains of which turned into 6 round geometric art for the dining custom made on site. This wall too has a dual function of a study cum Tv unit.

Navi Mumbai Apartment

The entire living dining is a monochromatic eco system containing various textures of grey. The entrance has a console that blends into a sleek dining unit that houses a world of things without expressing any bulk.

The parents room’s show stopper is the illusionist 2D-3D headboard. Due to lack of space we converted what was originally to be a 3 tier headboard into a trompe l’oeil of sorts with one functional fabric headboard.

Navi Mumbai Apartment

A splash of cherry with simplified vintage curves set against a calm greige brought in flashbacks of the old times.

Master Bedroom 1 demanded plushness, color, pattern and of course storage! A sleek alcove above the bed with storage housing a large cushy headboard, fresh colors like blue and green with an offset of deep country brown, and patterned geometric wallpaper on the wardrobe makes for a vibrant characterful abode for a young couple.

Master Bedroom 2 reflects it’s inhabitants in structure, form and colors. The presence of geometric shapes forming functions and defining routines reflects the quality of balance and a perspective of a tetris life. Graph wallpaper, striped headboard and a map of shapes on the wardrobe, a monochromatic color scheme with an ombre of grey shades and tints is a mark of intentional living and a clutter free life. Each space is poised with a feature that creates an experience- brass lights on the headboard for reading and midnight chats, a hidden study space in the cabinets complete with a light makes it apt for a work from home situation.

Navi Mumbai Apartment

Every inch of space is mindfully curated interspersing functionality with aesthetics. All the furniture is custom made by skilled artisans on site to manage budgets. This house is a testament to less is more.  

Fact File

Designed by:
The Prop House

Project Type: Apartment Interior Design

Project Name: The Mighty Midget

Location: Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Duration of the project: 4 Months

Built-up Area: 1300 Sq.ft

Project Size: 900 Sq.ft

Project Cost: 30 Lakhs

Principal Designer: Rishika Sutwala

Photograph Courtesy: Yadnyesh Joshi ( Instagram )

Photograph Courtesy: Yadnyesh Joshi ( Website )

Products / Materials / Vendors: Finishes – Greenlam Laminate, Kings Veneer / Lighting – Hybec / Furniture – Akbar Ali / Paint – Asian Paints / Artefacts – Ikea, Fab IndiaArtefacts – Ikea, Fab India / Wallpaper – (Custom) Printology Concet

Firm’s Website Link: The Prop House

Firm’s Instagram Link: The Prop House

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