Space Inherits The Subtlety Of Contemporary Office Interiors | MakeSpace Architects

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Space Inherits The Subtlety Of Contemporary Office Interiors | MakeSpace Architects

Located in a most premier landmark building in the upscale neighborhood of Indore, the 1150 sq.ft studio of MakeSpace architects, is truly experimental in its materiality, Porosity, and Style. Being a young enterprise, we wanted the ambiance of the office to be ecstatic, Collective, collaborative, and non-hierarchical, enabling our team to explore new imaginative ideas.

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We have played with the cube shell, through a Minimalistic approach, and believe that “Less is more”. Through simplified visual compositions, the studio seemingly dissolves the boundaries of inside-outside, with its partitions in-between the spaces framed in black, seem to be floating.

The whole idea was to keep the materiality intact by retaining the natural colours of the material, giving it a rustic look. As we know, the beauty of the natural material is achieved by keeping its colour raw and pure. Colour and texture are interdependent on each other, as texture differentiates colour, or vice-versa, together they activate the sense of vision and touch.

The interior surfaces are finished with a muted grey palette of Concrete, in contrast to its furniture which is finished with a subtle oak wood veneer. We strongly believe that grey being a combination of black and white, balances the colour palette becoming a non-monotonous and stable colour which can imbibe different emotions in different lightning conditions let it be natural or artificial. The use of material like leather, birch plywood, natural stone helped us to retain their natural properties of colour and texture. Space inherits the subtlety of contemporary interiors using shades of grey and follows a strict principle of lines and grids, that help to differentiate colour, material, and texture.

In the workstation area, Playing with axial lines both vertically and horizontally helped us to achieve a sense of symmetry in plan and equilibrium in materiality. The visual porosity throughout the place initiates a non -verbal conversation to amplify the mood of architecture. Reconfigurability also plays an important role in making a space usable for multiple activities.

One of the cabins inherits the subtlety of contemporary interiors through a monochrome approach using shades of grey of leathers ranging from Napa grey to Indian grey. The grey veneer backdrop was intentionally mellowed down to highlight the PU textured frames and leather cladded shutters. All the openable panels seem to be flushed, forming a continuous frame.

The mood board for the other cabin breaks the monotonous nature of concrete and contrast with natural finishes to add highlighters, keeping the materiality subtle and differentiated.

The conference was created to propagate the theme of an Idea box. The seamless glass box incorporates an idea of design where the contemporary conventional architecture meets the future of parametric. The parametric wall is achieved through a set of algorithmic progression decoded by the sound waves produced by human noise. The wall is an amalgamation of various birch ply cut sections. A touchscreen as an idea board was profoundly kept propagating the idea of paperless discussions.

In this studio, we have heeded attention to every detail, be it parametric or 3D surfaces. We tried to embody all the new techniques with natural materials to leave a lasting impact on both the viewers and the users. The Studio is a cumulation of Parametric and contemporary architecture through rustic materiality.


Architects- MakeSpace Architects

Location- Indore, India

Type: Office Studio

Area- 1150 sq. Ft

Design Team- Rajat Sanghvi, Naina reddy

Photographs- Studio Kunal Bhatia

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