Small Office Design Is Amalgamation Of Materials To Strike A Balance | Rinki Gajjar Designs

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Small Office Design Is Amalgamation Of Materials To Strike A Balance | Rinki Gajjar Designs


Designed in a tight space of 520 sq.ft. in the booming plush commercial hub of the city, with no barriers of a rigid hierarchy or following a particular style, the only brief the client gave was to make the office space look stunning. With complete faith of the client and well-versed with the availability of the material palette, the whole idea was to strike the right chords.

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High-end high-rise corporate office complex in the booming commercial hub of the city. The building has a common reception on the ground floor which connects to all the offices on each floor. This offers the elimination of a separate reception space in each office. It also has a conference room, a cafeteria, and a lounge for the visitors.

Design Philosophy:-

The design philosophy here was pretty clear after studying the site conditions, to convert hurdles into a harmony. The heavy angular columns protruding inside the space formed the crux of the design. This was taken up as a challenge and used meticulously to provide viewing angles on various surfaces while not acting as an obstruction.

The Design Process:-

The Design Concept draws inspiration from the parallel lines that are an architectural feature of the entire commercial complex. The diagonal lines of the inclined RCC columns projecting within the space are taken as a datum and guide the various design decisions. Therefore the project is designed from whole to part.

The office layout has been organized so as to accommodate a maximum of 3 cabins and each space has been detailed out for efficient and comfortable usage. Each cabin has been placed in a way to get maximum daylight. Each space in the office has been designed with great precision of details. Every detail of the furniture has been worked upon so as to form a coherent interior.

The Details:-

The site, when handed over, had a very dull crowded looking floor. Having the advantage of a well-lit and bright natural light washing the site throughout the day, the decision was taken to change the floor to light grey tiles. The basic material palette was Veneer, Colored MDF, Cement sheets, Italian marble, and Quartz, Brass coated MS sections and Brass strips.

While all the material was in sync with the client’s choice, the bare look of the cement sheet was a tough one to take forward. But, having said that, the concept and choice of material were pretty clear and an attempt was made to help the client envision the final product. In an urge to utilize a maximum of the carpet area 2 main cabins – one for the owner another for his wife, an accountant’s cabin and 2 workstations were judiciously planned in the passage along with the pantry and toilet while adopting the innovative solution of incorporating greenery which all the 3 cabins had a view of. The idea was welcomed by the clients and the decision was taken to take it forward.

Although the site was small, an attempt was made to meticulously detail out every element. The bespoke partitions, the blue tapestried bench with metal legs, the classic blue of the Valchromat (coloured MDF) used against the cement sheet are all details that add vibrancy to the interior space. There was an emphasis on functionality infused with a flair of fine lines, the diagonals of the column resonate on the wall paneling which in turn reverberates on the furniture, glass partitions, and other interior elements. The design of the glass films is in tandem with the design of brass elements at entry foyer. The veneer paneled partition facing the entrance invites us with wall art depicting Ganesha glories. The partition adjoining the staff was designed with crossbars of metal, coated with a brass coating. It was kept see-through at eye level to create a visual contact at the main door.

The glass partitions provide continuity of vision beyond making the unified flooring and ceiling look seamless. The transparency of glass and the daylight together make the interior feel lighter. The brightly coloured tapestry of the seating, the use of brass finish in the furniture and artifacts, and the colourful artwork on walls are highlighted against the neutral background of the flooring and the walls. Being a professor also, I had a strong connection with my students to motivate them and their talents and decided to adore various walls with artworks of my students.

In a Nutshell:-

While the journey had been an exciting one, there was immense learning throughout. Amalgamating various materials to strike a balance while creating harmony was a challenge. The accolades received from the client nailed the successful attempt.


Firm: Rinki Gajjar Designs

Project Name: Cross Coherence

Project type:- Small office interior

Size:-  520sq.ft.

Year:- 2019

Location:- Vadodara, Gujarat.

Designer: Rinki Gajjar

Photography:- Tejas shah photography


I’m Rinki Jadvani, a freelance Interior Designer based in Vadodara. With work experience spanning across as a senior designer with renowned designers in the city. I’ve been a freelancer since 2007.

My work is aimed at creating contemporary and modest designs that are functional. My focus while designing, other than the aesthetics, is also always on minimum wastage and client satisfaction. I always try to seek a balance between functionality, context aesthetics and economy part of design. My projects are not limited to the city boundaries only. I’ve also got chance to work on international projects in Dubai and Ghana which continues to give me an opportunity to explore new dimensions of the complete process and it adds on to my work experience.

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