Sleep Well: Essential Bedroom Renovation for At-Home Senior Living

Nursing homes used to be the leading form of long-term elderly care. When relatives became incapable of taking care of themselves on their own, younger family members would move them into central communities with other elderly people so they can receive the proper medical care and attention they need.

This was always seen as the best option. Round-the-clock monitoring isn’t feasible in most households, and private care was much too expensive.

Among the supposed advantages and desperation of the families that needed assistance, many terrifying realities slipped under the radar. According to Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, one in every ten seniors experiences some kind of abuse or neglect while in a nursing home facility.

Because of this, and many other frightening statistics, many families are deciding to move their loved ones into different forms of home care. Now that this kind of assistance is more accessible to families with moderate sources of income and access to different insurance plans, the option is becoming more and more popular.

With elderly adults in mind, many families are remodeling their homes to better accommodate these individuals. One of the most important rooms in a house for older adults is their bedroom. It’s where they’ll spend most of their time.

As we age, different needs and requirements come into play when it comes to our living spaces. Bedrooms should be comfortable and accommodating, while also equipped with the proper assistance tools and equipment.

Hospital Beds

It’s important to install a hospital bed in their bedroom. This will ensure that they can get adequate rest and healing. A good quality hospital bed can be expensive, but there are many affordable models on the market.

When searching for a bed, make sure to find one with an adjustable height and remote control. This will make it easier to move the bed up and down with minimal effort on their part.

You should also consider purchasing padded side rails that don’t pinch or scratch the skin, as well as a pressure-relieving mattress. They’ll be spending many hours in this bed, so you want something comfortable yet supportive for their body.

Accessible Furniture

Low, easy-access furniture is a must in their bedroom. Items like end tables, dressers, and nightstands should be easy to reach for them. They shouldn’t have to worry about getting up from the bed or chair to grab things like books or personal items.

Furniture that also has accessible storage is ideal for this situation. This will make it easier for them to grab clothing, blankets, or other items without having to get up or maneuver much.

If you’re unable to find furniture that is both low and accessible, try using risers to create a platform for them to access the surface of the furniture. This will give them the height they need while still maintaining an easy-to-use level of accessibility.

Select furniture that has open spaces underneath so they can easily move from one piece to the next. Opt for chairs and tables with rounded edges, as these are less likely to cause injuries if they fall against them.

Safety Rails

One of the most important additions to any bedroom for seniors is safety rails. These can be installed all over the room for maximum mobility.

Start by installing a rail in the bathroom. This should be close enough to the toilet that they don’t have to worry about falling or slipping while getting up and down. Other rails can also be installed in each of the corners where they might need extra support, like at their bedside or beside their nightstands and dressers.

Consider installing a rail next to each of the doors in their room as well. This will give them support while they’re moving into and out of different spaces within their home. The last thing you want is for them to trip or fall because they didn’t have enough support while walking down the hall or upstairs.

Make sure all rails are installed securely and are at a good height for them to easily grab onto.

Widening Entryways

For seniors that are wheelchair or walker dependent, it’s good to widen entryways so that they can easily maneuver their equipment in and out of different spaces.

This is especially important for doorways leading into the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. These are the most common areas in the home, and they should be easily accessible and hazard-free for your family member.

These are just some of the many things you can do to update your home for elderly family members. Creating a safe and comfortable bedroom will make their life much easier. Providing care from home is a safer option and you maintain peace of mind knowing that your loved one is properly cared for.

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