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    A Home That Is Responsive To The Needs Of The Residents And That Matures With Them | Design Studio Associates

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    Residents of this humble abode dreamt of their home to be a reflection of their feelings and values, expressed the architect. The design brief was subtle, and the requirements were unequivocal. Retainment of the original spaces to its maximum was a pivotal criteria. An intrinsic understanding of the client’s lifestyle and their identities was our break, he added.

    A home which inhabits elderly, is a home of values and culture. The echo of those customs is loud and clear in this habitat. A plush royal-blue velvet seating coupled with a classic handmade deity frame, greets us as we enter through the main door. Next to this seat is the Pooja room, with mini bells hanging in the door. As the door swings, the bells ring and enrich the ambience with a soulful melody. White walls of the Pooja room emit vibrations of peace and tranquility. Engraving of the beautiful Gayatri Mantra and inlay pattern of mandala with the sacred symbol of Om, makes the enclosure a perfect space for meditation. A series of vintage looking glass lanterns catch our attention in the foyer.

    Further in this familial journey comes the space that witnesses the maximum interaction. The living room sits next to the dining space and is the nucleus for public activity between 2 wings of the residence. The plan of the apartment looks somewhat like an elongated Ludo board, with 2 bedrooms slightly staggered on either sides. Central home of the Ludo board is replicated by the living room where memories are made. It’s a simple configuration where 3 generations live under the same roof.

    An elegant sectional couch and a luxury wingback chair makes the living room inviting and congenial. Central wooden table is complimentary to legs of the armchair. The timeless combination of Ivory and Royal Blue embodies the classic style of Art Deco. A gentle presence of velvet, leather, wood and brass brings in glamour, luxury and symmetry within the space. Existence of indoor plants, accentuates the volume. Ivory Italian flooring makes for a perfect canvas to elevate bold colours. Accent wall grabs attention by geometric patterns and contrasting hues with a hint of gold to uplift the mood-board. Next to the dining area sits the kitchen, with Italian top, back painted shelf-doors and walnut finished lower drawers. The Lshaped counter top, benefits for a longer workspace. Such an open-planned living space becomes a thriving nexus for the personal enclosures surrounding it.

    An ensuite master bedroom, with the plushness of velvet headboards and mirror sections is a royal sanctuary in itself. The bed-frame is complimentary to the upholstery and indirect rope lights surrounding the lower bed perimeter enhances the whole room. Opening up an entire nook to sweeping panoramic views with minimal visual disruption by placing a corner window, is a winner for contemporary designs. It captures light from different directions and creates a modern aesthetic. Wardrobe doors comprise of wooden sliders with bronze mirror patches, running across in a chevron pattern. A proportionate use of colours and materials, makes this a den for the regals.

    Adjoining is the son’s chamber, revolving around his interests and characteristics. Being a huge admirer of Ronaldo, glances of the sport and the player can be observed around. Pantone colours like Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey made their way to this playful interiors. Black wall above the headboard is a sort of motivation chart. It manifests inspirational quotes that act as a dynamo of enthusiasm and sanguine forces when the clouds are dark. His name appears on a wall, made out of metal-finish alphabets with lights on each of the letters. The name is accompanied by few of his memories, to remind him of his childhood days. Long desk, accounting for a desktop and study area with ample storage for books and miscellaneous articles, was an essential requisite. A haven specially crafted to reinforce the transition of playfulness to maturity, is an unsaid precondition for every child. – Krishna Dadawala

    Emergence of principles happen here. This bedroom belongs to the eldest generation; the grandparents. Being very vigilant about their needs, the room is designed with warm colours. Wood has a major weightage on the material palette. A lower bed frame, negligent presence of bold colours and ample natural light is the driving force in this personal space. Combination of velvet pads and Italian finished tiles assembles to become the headboard. Wall above it is veneer cladded with stencil painted leaves in the centre. Leaves are metaphorical for life and energy and what other space better than grandparents’ room to depict the philosophy!

    Lastly comes the seldom used enclosure, the guest bedroom. A minimal yet elegant room, with vibrant Burgundy upholstery as a full height headboard is a retreat for any visitor. Contemporary lamps hanging on either side of the bed and a multipurpose desk shapes the aesthetics of this room. The plushness of burgundy supplements the entire milieu.

    A home that demonstrates character and emulates familial love, is nothing short of a sanctum. The planning of this residence is exemplary of inducing soulful connections within. Placement of the recurrent spaces is thus executed, to maximise the interactions. The living area performs as the node between all the bedrooms and on the whole is an inward looking residence. Tangential use of Art Deco hues with focused contemporary design ideals, makes a unique mood-board. Enveloping the home in layers of intangibles like values, customs, inherited bond and love, with design in the foreground is their strength, said the architect. Albeit the simplicity of this residence, it speaks volumes about the personality of the occupants and their modest self.

    As an endnote, quoting the architect himself, “Designing a home that is responsive to the needs of the residents and that matures with them in times to come, is our strength. We put versatility at the centre of each space before diving in the design process. Understanding client’s specifications is our mantra and delivering it is our pride”

    Fact File:

    Designed By : Design Studio Associates

    Project Name : 24K by Fortune

    Project Location : Vadodara, Gujarat

    Carpet Area : 1660 Sq Ft

    Principal Architect : Ar Ruchir Sheth

    Design Team : Hena Kotecha

    Client Name : Mr. Ritesh Shah

    Project Duration : June 2020 to July 2021

    Design By : Design Studio Associates

    Text Credit : Krishna Dadawala

    Photography Credit : Tejas Shah Photography

    Colour Palate :

    Principal Designer

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