Garbage Disposal Buying Guide – Why Going with The Cheapest Is Not A Good Idea

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Garbage disposals are something every kitchen need. Also called disposers, they are needed especially in cooking scenarios where it is useful in disposing of any sort of waste that may have been produced. However, they can have a few minutes as well. Although most garbage disposals coming out in the market are made keeping the environment in mind, they can waste a lot of water and energy resources making your bill way higher than you’re used to. But, have no fear. We are here to give you a guide on buying the best garbage disposal device for you.


  1. Choose A Power Type

It is important to know the different types of feeds that garbage disposals come in. These are of two types, continuous and batch-wise feed. However, after researching a bit, you will find out which feed fits your exact disposal needs. Now, coming to continuous type first, they are the most commonly found in the market. Also, they are found to be easier to use than the latter type of disposer. You can easily connect it with a wall switch. Continuous feeds usually have open-mouths and a stopper is required for its use. The stopper is useful and somewhat crucial as it stops you from allowing any unwanted mishaps from happening. Other than this, you can also opt for batch feed disposals as well but they are generally more expensive unless you’re willing to splurge. For more information, head on to

  1. Size Matters

Before you actually move into the purchasing process, it is important to take the size of the disposal into consideration. For example, how much horsepower of a disposer would you actually need? Now this depends on how much waste you actually need to throw away and the size of the household. Although ½ Horsepower is usually a good size for most common sized households, you can go a little bugger to lessen the risk of jammed operation throughout its use.

  1. Noisy Disposers

If you’re sensitive to any form of noise than this might be something you’d want to consider. Although you won’t exactly be able to compare each model according to how noisy they are as they aren’t rated that way, there is a way. You can consider the size and quality when it comes to noise rating. Bigger companies tend to have better noise ratings as they really work hard to make sure that there’s enough insulation. We are aware that you would be paying more for a good quality device and less noise, but it might be worth it to you if noise isn’t your thing.

  1. Septic Assistance

The septic system usually suffers greatly when garbage disposals are used. This is because when they are activated, the microorganisms in the septic system are unable to digest the wastes that it produces. Which is why to make this less of a problem, new disposals in the market have introduced devices that sort of add natural microorganisms into the chamber every time some waste is disposed of. These are really popular in the US and you’re looking for something environment-friendly and safe, this is the best option for you. Although it might be a bit more expensive, it’s a good investment. Also, you can change dispensers every time they run out. So, do consider this quality when shopping for a garbage disposal.

  1. Auto Reverse

This might be a bit different. The auto reverse is a newly introduced feature that prevents jamming in the device automatically. For example, if something happens to get stuck in the mouth of the disposal or if gets jammed, it will be able to rotate and unwind on its own. This is probably the most useful feature you would want in a garbage disposal. Using the feature would prevent the device from unwantedly shutting down while in usage.

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