Butterfly Art Adds A Touch of Magic to any Interior Design

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If you have a passion for nature, you must add an SN to your collection.

The artist SN has come a long way over the past 15 years. Previously known for his photography-focused artwork, in 2006 he decided to take his art in a completely new direction. His new line of works is centered around the butterfly, and the resulting artwork is both completely unique and indicative of SN’s distinctive take on his passion for the natural world.

There has never been a better time to add a piece of mixed media artwork to your collection, and SN’s butterfly-inspired designs make ideal candidates for anyone looking to create an interesting and diverse interior design for their home.

Romanticize Your Home with Butterflies

It’s not just SN who has realized the butterflies potential to improve any interior design project.  The Chinese have long believed that butterflies should be a part of any Feng Shui home design, and books on the subject claim that adding butterflies to home decoration improves your love life and makes all of your dreams come true. Bold claims indeed!


Ancient Chinese Feng Shui is a traditional art of home decorating and specifies where you should place furniture to create the correct energy balance in your room.

Butterflies fit well with the technique because they give the impression of natural surroundings, bringing harmony and balance into the busy lives we all have today. Feng Shui lists painted, sculptured, and embroidered Chinese butterfly decorations as being suitable, and suggests adding them to screens, curtains, cushions, walls, and other items of furniture.

Many of the claims made by Feng Shui are somewhat outlandish, but some of its teachings are definitely worth a look if you want to create an orderly, uncluttered, and balanced environment.

The Chinese butterfly is unique to the country and is said to bring good luck, love, joy, and happiness. Whether you arrange your home furniture according to Feng Shui principles or not though, there is no question that butterflies do add a romantic feel to modern interior design.

Butterfly Décor Ideas

Adding butterflies to your décor can be as simple as purchasing simple wall stickers. First, start by affixing a few of these colorful designs to features such as lamps or desks situated close to a wall.

Next, create a flowing path of butterflies onto the wall and hang a framed grouping of butterflies close by. This tried and tested technique looks amazing, especially when the installation is created close to a window – perhaps even add one or two to your curtains!

You can even create butterflies yourself using origami techniques, which are simple to follow and very quick to produce once you get the hang of it. Printing out your own butterfly shapes and then using the print as a stencil to cut multi-colored, stiff craft paper enables you to create a large number of butterflies quickly in many different colors, and these can work well for all kinds of designs – try something close to your bed for a little added Feng Shui appeal.

What other Butterfly inspired wall art could you consider? Shadow boxes filled with intricate patterns made out of butterflies – which you might not even realize unless you look closely – are a popular item at art fairs these days, as is the artist Pheremone’s framed butterfly collections which go for a more ordered look.

His bright blue large-format artworks can instantly add a touch of bright color to any room. If you are creating an art shelf or need some smaller works to position around a larger artwork, small, vintage-style butterfly prints are a great option and can be picked up cheaply, too.

More Butterfly Musings

Butterflies are being added to all kinds of household items nowadays, from dining plates to cushions, and items such as these can work just as well as creating butterfly art on your walls. There is nothing that can match the captivating images created using butterflies by SN, however.

His most popular works use those signature butterflies alongside photography, pencil drawing, and charcoal rubs, with the resulting artwork being completely unlike anything seen before. SN believes that his use of Butterfly Skulls blurs the lines between life and death, whilst his AK-47 piece takes what is known as an iconic symbol of violence and mixes it with the delicate flutter of the butterfly – who appears to have chosen this weapon as the perfect place to rest.