Should I DIY Duct Cleaning Toronto?

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The air duct cleaning Toronto method you choose depends on the condition of your ductwork, the type of system you have, and your budget. Although not all homeowners need to clean their HVAC systems often, there are circumstances when you need to call a professional to clean the system.

The air you breathe passes through the ductwork into the rooms. If the system is dirty with dust and other contaminants, you will breathe contaminated air, which could cause respiratory problems. Dust, microorganism, and mold also grow inside the system because of moisture, and they will cause allergic reactions. To avoid these problems, duct cleaning Toronto could be the only option to opt for.

Can You DIY Duct Cleaning?

Some people have the skills to clean the ductwork. DIY will, without a doubt, save you some money that you could have paid for professional cleaners to do the work for you. However, there is a caveat. If you are not sure of your skills or do not have the right tools, it is essential to contact a duct cleaning Toronto company. The professionals will do it more efficiently and take care of your air duct too. If you DIY without the right skills, you could damage the system that is expensive to replace. When you contact a cleaning company, ask them about their cleaning process. Ensure you hire a company that is well experienced and whose technicians have the skills. They should also have a license to show that they are operating legally. One more critical document you should look at is their insurance. Working with an insured company keeps you safe, knowing you will have compensation for any damages caused, and you will not incur expenses in case of an accident.

Process Of DIY Duct Cleaning

a. Switch off the system at the thermostat.

b. Use a crevice tool to vacuum on all the vents in every room

c. Remove the vent covers with a screwdriver and clean all the dirt and dust. You can dip
them in water and then dry them.

d. Vacuum the inside of the duct with the crevice tool to remove all the dirt. After all is
clean, return the dry vent covers.

e. Switch the system back on at the thermostat.

Which Is The Best Duct Cleaning Method?

No matter the method the company uses, they should always start with an inspection. The technicians check the ductwork and take pictures of before-the-process to compare with the after-the-process pictures. When choosing a duct cleaning Toronto technician, you can first try contacting the installer that installed your system. They have better knowledge of your system, and they know all the areas dirt is likely to hide. The inspection should include even the hard-to-reach areas, those in the crawl space and under the house. The technician will notice things like dirt and dust on the interior surfaces. They use flashlights for too dark places. They will also be able to see mold and dust. If there is water damage due to condensation or insects that have made homes inside, the technicians should see those. They will then give you a written report of everything. The company will use chemicals to spray on the mold to prevent future growth. Ensure you check the chemical components of the detergents to ensure they don’t cause allergic reactions
on your family members.

The Cleaning Process

The process starts with the contractor accessing the interiors by removing all the covers. They
will make holes in areas that do not have openings, but they should seal these points after the
entire process is completed.
The following process is to loosen the contaminants. The contractors use special tools to ease
the dust and debris. They could use brushes or vacuums to loosen and accumulate the dust at
one point.

They then go in with negative pressurization. Special machines like powerful vacuums will suck
all the dirt by negative pressurization. The dust is contained inside the vacuum to ensure it does
not go to other parts of the house.

The last stage is inspection. The contractor inspects the ductwork again to ensure no dirt is left.
They will take pictures to compare with the before ones. All the removed parts are reinstalled.