Contemporary Co Working Space with Optimum Use of Natural Light | ANS Design House

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Contemporary Co Working Space with Optimum Use of Natural Light | ANS Design House

Based on the taste and design brief we decided to go for contemporary design for the co-working space. Since the office had full height glazing only on one end, lot of glass has been planned for cabins to maximise the natural light coming in to the long corridor through the main glazing at the north, thereby reducing the usage of artificial lighting to the minimum and giving a visually bigger feel to every small office cabin module. Glass and ceiling height had been kept at 10 feet to have a larger than life effect for grandness. All service are designed with in 2 feet to achieve the desired height. Also as soon as the site was started it was decided to shift the clients existing office also this same premise using the existing modular furniture, lights, sofas, chairs etc as much as possible.

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We achieved the following : Making the space look bigger – The floor plate is fairly a rectangular space with a service arm on the top left hand side housing the toilets and pantry. The space planning started with placing the 10’ wide cabins along the east wall with the cafe adjoining the glazing. A 5 feet wide, 50 feet long  and 10 feet high corridor separates these cabins on the east wall from rest of the office spaces including clients office along the west wall. A grand reception with a 3d textured back wall has been planned hiding the long pantry behind the 3d textured wall.

The reception leads to the long corridor which is the first impression creating space with length, height and grandeur. The concept of having chandelier in a high corridor has been maintained keeping the authenticity of the office space by selecting modern LED hanging track lights. The corridor is also designed as a hall way with cabins on one side and the other side houses 3 huge frames with art works giving the corridor a art gallery kind grandeur and character.

The corridor leads straight to the multipurpose cafe which also houses 2 small private meeting rooms which can be booked or rented on hourly basis. These meeting rooms have been designed with a luxury lounge feel. The west side of the office houses a 30 seater open office workstation area called as hot seats adjoining the buildings glazed facade at the north end and a huge 38 seater conference hall at the west end near to the entrance . The conference also has been designed with a direct separate entrance for prebooked corporate events.

Between the workstation area and the conference, clients existing office has been planned and place strategically so that the central part remains occupied and acts as a watch tower over looking the rest of the offices and spaces through the 10 feet high glass. The open office is designed with suspended linear light fittings which are customised in yellow and grey colours which are part of the company’s logo.  The suspended lights reflect in the glasses giving an infinity reflection to the space.

The huge conference has been designed with a long feature wall which has storage spaces open shelves for display with handpicked showpieces and client achievements. The AC has been planned with VRV system which gave us freedom to plan areas with ducting, cassettes and splits. Keeping the colour palette simple the entire office has two laminates…. wood and grey. Hence the palette  is grey, wood, and white throughout giving a corporate and single identity to the space.

Premium feel of space : The reception has grey walls, white ceiling, grey floor tiles, wood and white duco painted 3d wall. reception table with leather finish compact  lounge chairs for seating giving the entrance a serene and upscale look.

Lighting : The lighting for entire office has been done using LED light fittings with a theme of matt gold and black for common areas. Suspended light fittings have been used to add lightness to the design and have direct as well as indirect lighting.

Furniture : The entire modular furniture has been customised keeping in mind the design brief, openness, aesthetics, hierarchy and functionality. Ergonomically Apt chairs have been selected for long sitting hours.

Design focus achieved  throught: Contemporary look, appealing lighting and colours, motivation through branding, maximum space utility, optimum use of natural light and airconditioning by use of cassettes ACS and splits in the cabins which can be switched on only when occupied.


Designed By : ANS Design House

Project Type :  Office Interiors

Project Name :  I & I COLLAB

Location : Thane, Mumbai

Year Built : March 2021

Area : 3800 sq.ft

Project Cost : 1.7 cr Appx

Principal Architects : Ar. Amit Phanse, ID. Shivangi Shahane Phanse

Design Team : Ar. Amit Phanse, ID. Shivangi Shahane Phanse, ID. Nilam Joshi

Contractors : JRT Interiors

Photograph Courtesy : 8bitsimages ( Aditya Sapre & Priyanka Sapre)

Products and Materials : Firefighting : Telelinks | Glass : Demco Engineers Glass Art Works | Modular Furniture : Manish Interiors | Chairs : Maxiim Chairs | Graphic Design : Modicle Studios | Films & Dcals : Jayesh, I&I kaizen | Lights : Teknolite, DG Tech, GM Switches, Archis Fancy Lights | AC : LG VRV | Interior Material : Merino Lam, Century Ply, Shera Boards, India Gypsum, CNR, Asian Aaints, Delta CP Sanitary, Kalinga Stone Quartz | Graphics and Films : 3M | Green Lam Toilet Partitions | CNR Hardware | Tiles : Spanish

Consultants : HVAC : Nahur Electronics | Lighting : Shreenath Agencies

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