Design ideas for outdoor areas by the pool

Today it is difficult to imagine a luxury mansion, villa or hotel that is not equipped with a swimming pool. Of course, in countries with colder climates, an indoor type of swimming pool is most often built. This way you can bask in the water all year round. Residents who are lucky enough to live in warm countries are building open reservoirs. The peculiarity of such pools is that they can be used long before the opening and much later than the closing of the bathing season. This creates the illusion of a “long” summer.

Whatever type of pool installation you choose, try to improve the surrounding area as much as possible, making it not only highly comfortable, but also incredibly beautiful. Where it is good and comfortable, you always want to return. And the Renty company, which provides high-quality beach umbrellas Dubai, shady systems and other outdoor furniture, will help you stylishly equip the area near your pool.

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Waterfalls are very beautiful and harmoniously fit into the landscape design, giving it a certain charm. Today, many people use multicolored lighting as an addition to them. In the evening, it creates a special romantic atmosphere, as well as an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The noise of water falling from a height will undoubtedly attract your guests, so you can unobtrusively demonstrate your impeccable taste and wealth.

Open living room

This is the must-have of any prestigious leisure establishment, be it your home or hotel. An open living room, smoothly turning into a courtyard area, allows you to admire the created beauty, as well as escape from the hot sultry sun in summer. In addition, the advantage of such a structure will be the maximum stay in the fresh air, which in turn has a beneficial effect on a person’s well-being.

Ornamental plants

One of the fashionable trends of modern pool improvement is the creation of a decorative garden around it. After all, what could be better and more natural than luxurious plants and shrubs growing outdoors. And, of course, summer is the best time to transform the area next to the pool and turn it into a tropical paradise. In the event that climatic conditions do not allow you to create a natural beauty, experts recommend resorting to artificial plants. Modern technologies allow you to create high-quality material, so sometimes it is difficult to distinguish whether this plant is alive or not.

Uniform style

Of course, modern interior design looks balanced if it is subject to the law of symmetry and a harmonious combination of textures. Therefore, the choice of the design style of the pool or terrace should correspond to the external appearance of the building. The design in a single style allows you to visually expand the entire space, since all borders are practically erased and the space seems to flow from one to another. At the same time, such a solution will never go out of fashion, since it is, in fact, one of the foundations of interior design.


The lighting of the room, terrace or pool area plays an important role in the interior.  After all, thanks to the competent placement of LED lamps, you can visually change the space, emphasizing the most spectacular places and hiding the unsuccessful ones, creating an amazing play of light and shadow that attracts attention and fixes the eye.

In addition, modern technologies make it possible to create energy-saving, economical lighting systems, which are also controlled remotely or in automatic mode. Therefore, 24-hour illumination will not greatly affect your budget, but in this way you will be able to embody the most unusual ideas in the interior.

Placement of outdoor furniture

Hammocks, tables and deck chairs are traditionally placed along the pool. It is not necessary to invent something else, because such placement is comfortable for everyone. There is no need to think about where to leave things, who will look after them, because everything is nearby and under the guest’s gaze.

Choosing the best furnishings  is a fundamentally important moment for a luxury home, beach and hotel. There is a huge selection of designs for the pool area. If you have interesting ideas about how a swimming pool should look, be sure to contact a landscape designer. Together you will create beauty!