Sense of Communal Area Developed in this Ring House | Delution

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Sense of Communal Area Developed in this Ring House | Delution

Ring House is a house with a concept that started from the client’s desire to accommodate the hobby of playing basketball for father and son. Located in middle-class housing cluster in the Serpong sub-district of the Indonesian Capital, which measuring just 8×16 square meters. On this small land, client can still have a basketball area. The architect then expanded this become the main concept design, where the basketball area becomes the point of interest and communal area.

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 This basket concept is not just applied within space layout, but also to the mass building, the basketball area is also connected by the void, which looks like basketball hoop.

With limited project land, architect must be compromised with the functional matters. Multifunctional spaces design as needed which is a great way to make the small go further. One of the easiest way to create multifunctional room is to put together basketball area with gathering room, family room with guest bedroom area, and also kitchen with washing-drying area as well as walk in closet and bathroom on the 2nd floor to accommodated the needs of the main bedroom and child’s bedroom.


Designed By : Delution

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : Ring House

Location : Indonesia

Year Built : 2021

Area : 204 m²

Design Team : Muhammad Egha, Hezby Ryandi, Fahmy Desrizal, Indira Pramundita , Naufal Ryandi

Photograph Courtesy : Fernando Gomulya

Products and Materials : Nippon PaintGermany BrilliantInovar FloorNiro GranitePhilips

Source : ArchDaily

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