Selecting Café Tables – Options available and things to keep in mind

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Café entrepreneurs spend ample time planning on how to design their café! Meticulous planning yields the best results and is the need of the hour. The new-age customers have high demands, as they visit the emerging café. So, they are expecting an aesthetic décor, an interesting menu they would love to order from, and classy furniture that’s a blend of style and utility. Cafeteria tables might appear to be easy furniture to select, but entrepreneurs have a challenging time to choose the best one.

The café tables

The moment a customer walks into the café, what is it that takes up a considerable space chunk? It’s the tables. Hence, you need to carefully choose your café tables to align with your café décor design. And other than the table design and look, the utility matters as well. You need to think about the material and size, and the impact will have on the café décor, as that will influence customer satisfaction. To know more about café tables and furniture, you can check out

You can choose from the following table types:


1.Opt-in for the commercial-grade tables

There’s no point in purchasing a residential quality table for a café. It will not cater to the demand of a café table. Instead, you have to end up paying a considerable amount. And you might come across issues which aren’t covered by the commercial furniture warranty. Instead, the commercial café tables cater to the environmental need and are versatile. You can use it outdoors, indoors, and spaces that have uneven flooring. These tables are available in trendy and funky looks and provide you ample options to choose from.

2. Outdoor and indoor tables

The table base and top will depend to a great extent on the use! The cost-effective laminate table tops aren’t apt for outdoor purposes. For an outdoor space, you can opt-in for teak or hardwood tabletops. Do you wish that your entire café furniture is consistent with the outdoor and indoor space? If yes, you must select a material that’s apt for the outdoor space and seamlessly matches the café’s internal décor. So, if you’ve chosen wooden chairs with cushion seats for your café’s interior décor, use it for the outdoor space. You can tweak the design and shape of the table and chair a little, but the fundamental essence should be the same.

3. The finish and style

The commercial table bases and tops come in a wide range of colors, materials, and finishes. The supplier usually comprises of swatches that they can offer to help you choose and decide better. The laminate style tops are available in several patterns and colors. It’s a smart call to select a matte finish and avert gloss, as this doesn’t look good in a commercial setting. You can add lacquer to the tabletop, which will add character to it. Are you planning to use tablecloth linens? If yes, choose a cost-effective material like cotton, which will last longer and be durable.

When café entrepreneurs keep these aspects in mind, they can choose the best café tables for their business. It’s good to select after browsing through several café furniture service providers to make the best choice.

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