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Every homeowner renovating their home has relished the joy of installing a new delicate window and has experienced the struggle of eradicating the sticker or window label. Removing these sticky labels from the delicate surface of the glass is a daunting and extremely difficult task. Removing stickers from window is not as easy as it seems and can even damage the lustrous surface of glass if done improperly.

Understanding the common concerns of homeowners, we present a list of popular tricks and tactics for easily removing the sticky label glue from glass windows. However, firstly, it is essential to understand why removing sticky label glue is so difficult and what are the risks involved.

Why is sticky label glue too difficult to remove?

Removing the paper label from the glass is a simple process and hardly takes a few seconds. However, removing the residual label glue from the glass surface is a different ball game. These label adhesives and glue are extremely stubborn and scraping them off isn’t easy as it seems. The glue residue also serves as a dirt magnet and attracts the airborne dust particles on the go.


This makes us wonder why removing the sticky label glue is so difficult in the first place. The answer lies in the adhesive nature of the glue solution used to stick paper labels to the glass. The goal is to make sure the label stays stuck and doesn’t wear out with time. This is done by using industry-standard adhesives and glues. These glues are made to sustain normal scrubbing and can even fight off common glue removal attempts based on the use of nail polish remover, vinegar, hot water, etc. Besides this, excessive scrubbing is never recommended on delicate glass surfaces and can even damage the lustrous appeal and beauty of the glass. That’s why it is important to select the best and safe methods of removing stickers from the window.

How to remove the sticker from window?

Here are numerous ways to remove label stickers from glass windows and here we will review some of the most commonly used tricks and techniques.

  • Cleaning with Oil-Soaked Sponge

This is one of the tried and trusted methods for removing sticky glue from glass windows. This method only requires a little vegetable or cooking oil, sponge, and paper towels. The oil is applied to the residue with the help of a sponge and allowed to sit in for a few minutes until the entire area shines with an oily glow. Following this, paper towels are used to clean off the residue with gentle scraping.

  • Soapy Water Solution

A solution of soap and hot water is also commonly used to clean the sticky glue residue. This is one of the simplest methods of cleaning and works effectively for many homeowners. Using rags and paper towels, the soapy water solution is scraped off the surface cleaning the residue stick along with it.

  • Using Generic Stain Removal

The “Spray & Wash” stain removers are also often used to clean the sticky glue from the glass windows. This solution is applied to the sticky area and works by weakening the adhesiveness of the glue and is scraped until clean. Household stain removal solutions also often work wonderfully for removing stickers from window.

  • Scraping with Alcohol

Many homeowners attempt to clean the sticky glue residue with the aid of alcohol. Applying alcohol on sticky label residue works the same way as stain removal solutions and weakens the adhesiveness of the glue. The alcohol solution must be allowed to settle in for a good 15-20 minutes and is rubbed with a paper towel or scraped with a razor blade till clean. Old credit cards also work wonderfully for scraping off the sticky glue residue.

  • Applying WD40

A can of WD40 stored in the garage often also works wonderfully for removing the label sticker glue from the glass surface. The moist and wet WD40 weakens the glue when sprayed directly and allowed to sit in for a few minutes. Following this, a gentle rub with a damp cloth works like magic for removing the sticky glue residue from the lustrous glass. It is recommended to give the window a good cleaning with a generic window cleaner after removing the sticker.

  • Using an Ice Pack

Using ice on glass is another cool way to remove stickers from the glass windows. This method requires sharp razors and an ice pack. Ice is applied to the sticky surface of the glass and helps in stiffening the sticky residue which is then cleaned or scraped off with the help of a razor.

What’s the most effective way to remove the sticker?

There are several cool ways to remove stickers and sticky glue residue from the delicate surface of the glass. All these methods work well yet don’t guarantee a 100% success rate every time. However, there is another popular homemade sticky glue removal method used by many to clean their beloved window glass.

  • Cooking Oil + Baking Soda

Yes, that’s all you need! A pint of baking soda and a little bit of cooking oil, vegetable oil, or olive oil. This solution mixture normally contains a small quantity of baking soda mixed with half the quantity of cooking oil. The goal is to make a thick and gluey yet consistent mixture. Afterward, all you need is to scrub clean the sticky label residue with the help of a paper towel and clean it off with a soapy solution. This is perhaps the most effective and easiest way to clean the sticker from window. You can repeat this process multiple times to completely clean the glass windows and the lustrous glass shine and results are truly worth the efforts and time.

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