Bungalow Elevation is a Play Of Patterns and Textures | ANTARIKSH DESIGN STUDIO

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Bungalow Elevation is a Play Of Patterns and Textures | ANTARIKSH DESIGN STUDIO

We believe in designing spaces that suit the client’s personality and requirements. During interactions with clients we take cues from them. These become our point of departure for designing as we interpret them and take the process forward.



The clients wanted a warm and relax, contemporary aesthetic Interior in white tones. Their exact words were ‘We want it to feel like a home and not an usual place’. Client gave us permission to experiment with textures, patterns, and colors by way of accents and accessories. They were looking for something that was a blend of contemporary.

They also wished to retain a living, dining and TV spaces as well as the kitchen on the first floor as the family was accustomed to those spaces. They wished to link the two levels to create a cohesive home with a sense of space and openness. We decided to define the public, semi-public and private spaces clearly and keep the former towards the centre and the bedrooms to the side on both levels at second floor.

Though conventionally most homes have the living areas on the ground floor and the reverse here, yet it worked well as the bedrooms for the family would open out into or overlook the balcony.

The living and kitchen are neatly divided by a double height dining space.

A flight of stairs set in the front of living area comfortably connects the two floors.The RCC and metal staircase designed without risers has a light sleek look.

The dining table was conveniently located at double height space (under open sky) between the kitchen and living room.

The bedrooms have been kept uncluttered with minimal and neat furniture and shelves. Colour has been introduced through furnishings and displays on the shelves.

The identity of an exposed plaster wall that entire height of both floors to visually connect. Its presence in the living areas of the two levels where the family would spend much time would also mean it would subconsciously create a sense of cohesiveness between floors and spaces.

Further, they decided to keep furniture and artefacts to a minimum and place them along walls wherever possible to allow for openness as well a sample floor and wall space for objects and art the family may acquire in years to come.

Whilst keeping the suitable colour palette, fabric and texture choices in mind, the team opted for white walls and surfaces including painting the double-height wall its identity as the outlines of wall painting show through. Wooden furniture, elements, and accents were designed so they could be highlighted with eclectic colors of artwork and furnishings.

When the residence was completed, the family was delighted with the home’s natural light, openness and freshness the ample living and personal spaces and the lovely balcony that had been opened up. They now look forward to having their morning tea on the balcony, with a view of the treetops, and soaking in the comfort of their new home.



Project name:आंगन (Angan)

Client:   Mr. Hashmukh Rafaliya

Interior designer: Umesh Anghan, Pankaj Asanani

Year of Completion:  2019

Location: Surat

Site Area: 2515 sq.ft

Photographs:  Atelier vantage & visiography

Wall Painting:  Studio virtual

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/antariksh0261/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Antarikshdesign0261/

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