Architects & More: Why Modern Design Is More Than Just Aesthetic

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We each have a part of us that thinks we can do it all. We call this the superhero complex and we delude ourselves into thinking that we’re capable of doing anything and everything under the sun. While I do certainly not doubt your capacity and capability to learn new things, I simply don’t think that it’s possible to learn everything given how short our time on earth is. There are just some things we won’t be able to master in this lifetime – unless you’re a vampire who can outlive several generations.

All kidding aside, there is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. Take home design, for example.

We all have dream houses, am I right? In my case, I could recall talking with my sisters until late about how I would want three bedrooms in my house, a nice porch with a swing, and a beautiful garden with lots and lots of blooming flowers. What can I say? I watched way too many princess movies as a child. I always thought that a feminine abode suit me the most. And don’t get me wrong, I still think that a princess-y house wouldn’t be so bad even at my age. In fact, I think most dream houses are similar. Take a look at this, for instance:

Anyway, continuing the story, we would often draw pictures of how we want our houses to look like on paper. We would color it, add little people in it (we would even try to forecast how big a family we’re going to have), and basically materialize our dream house with pen and ink. Essentially, we already have an idea of what we like and don’t like. But then, life happens.


Architecture Is Not As Easy As You Think

It’s one thing to plan your house as a little kid and another to plan it as an adult. Growing up, you learn that there is more to designing a house than just drawing a rectangular roof and some square windows. There are dimensions, materials, costs, estimates, and whatever else to worry about. You realize that building an infrastructure is not easy as pie. So instead of trying to sketch your own little home by yourself, you seek out the help of professionals. These amazing people who dedicated a good part of their education on studying the art of home designing are called Architects. And if there’s anyone who would know how to design the perfect home for you, it’s them.      

Why Hire An Architect?

I can tell you a long, long list of reasons why I think hiring a real professional like Superdraft to take care of your home design needs is a good decision but for the sake of simplicity (which is kind of our theme today), I will sum it all up into one single yet very major point: It’s the most practical thing to do.

If you try to cut corners here or create a design yourself, you might leave out some very important aspects that would make your house into a home. In today’s time, modern houses look simple but they’re actually made with precision and appropriation. Every single detail about a modern house is made for convenience. The simplicity itself is a form of convenience. The simpler your home, the more practical it is.

For example:

Back in the day, people were fond of textured walls made from bricks and the like. They liked the idea of having a rough surface for the outer wall of the house. In modern designs, this idea is scratched and instead, smooth surfaces are more preferred. Why? For one, smooth surfaces are easier to clean and repainted compared to textured surfaces. They don’t gather as much dirt because they don’t have crevices and you can just use a simple roller whenever you want a fresh coat of color. As you can see, this preference for smooth surfaces over textured ones is an example of what modern-day architecture is about. Read more about this here.

Everything else about modern homes is made to maximize cost, utility, space, and convenience. Nothing is fluff. Everything is there for a reason. This is why you need professional help to make the most comfortable home ever. Luckily, skilled experts like these are not so hard to find these days! 

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