• Scissor Lift Hire: Knowing the Different Types and Its Uses Before Calling the Service Providers

    Australia is home to numerous booming businesses. You can see lots of construction projects here and there. If you’re one of the many contractors or homeowners planning to put up a construction project, you need the right construction tools. Although this will significantly depend on the type of your project, having the right and necessary tools will always come in handy.

    Contractors often have their equipment and pieces of machinery to help them keep up with their projects. However, it’s not all the time that we find them equipped with the much-needed supplies, for instance, the more essential tools like scissor lifts.

    These pieces of equipment are instrumental, especially for more significant projects. Instead of buying these lifts, most contractors prefer scissor lift hire to help them with their construction.

    Scissor lifts vary in fuel type, application and size. Below are five of the most common scissor lifts you can have on a worksite.


    These hydraulic scissor lifts are either engine-driven or hand-operated hydraulic systems. When the hydraulic oil pressure is changed, the machine works by lifting and moving the platform up and down. These lifts are relatively easy to use; so easy that users are not necessarily required to undergo intensive training. They make perfect but straightforward options for your simple lifting needs.

    However, oil is viscous at a lower temperature. This makes these hydraulic scissor lifts to operate slower than usual in colder weather, although the more modern models have addressed this issue successfully. Nonetheless, these lifts are suitable for projects where horsepower and speed are not top priorities.


    The diesel scissor lifts are the most highly-used on construction sites. They are notable for their cross-braced systems that allow the lifts to reach as high as 30 feet. There are even later models that can extend up to 60 feet. As its name implies, these scissor lifts are powered by conventional diesel fuel. They emit fumes, and they are noisy, which explains why these are reserved mostly for outdoor construction areas and sites where noise can efficiently dissipate, and ventilation is present.


    The electric scissor lifts are also sought after aerial platform machines. Since these are alternatives to the usual burning fuel, these silent but power-drive lifts, powered by electricity, are perfect for indoor spaces that often have insufficient ventilation. Electric scissor lifts do not emit noise or fumes and are also less bulky compared to its diesel versions. These make them suitable for smaller spaces.

    Rough Terrain

    These lifts are exclusively designed for outdoor terrains. They have massive duty tires, high weight capacity, and added safety mechanisms like arrestors and fall restraints. Rough terrain scissor lifts are suitable for work sites with slopes and uneven surfaces, and also for projects done in inclement weather. These lifts can provide an elevation reaching up to 50 feet and widths of up to 10 feet. They are powered either by gas, liquid propane, diesel or dual fuel.


    The lifting mechanism of pneumatic scissor lifts uses air pressure, unlike traditional scissor lifts. These lifts are ideal for those who wish to lessen their carbon footprints because they do not emit by-products or hazardous fumes into the environment.

    When looking for scissor lift hire, it’s crucial to identify the one that satisfies your project needs. Aside from the terrain conditions or the power supply of the types of lifts, other factors you need to consider are the lift strength, the weight of what it is you are lifting, the load stability, and the loading method.

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