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Rooftop Bar and Kitchen | ColabCompany

Ar. Hiren Ganatra of ColabCompany conjures sheer quintessential Moroccan charisma with Shalom, a Mumbai based Rooftop Bar & Kitchen.

Eclectic hues, patterns & a collage of textures bathe the premises of Shalom, a multicuisine restrobar envisioned & curated by Ar. Hiren Ganatra & team in Chembur, Mumbai. Designed for the Maple Leaf Hospitality Group, this Rooftop Lounge & Kitchen venue is a resplendent embodiment of Moroccan elements that narrate a saga of a faraway corner of the world.

The scope of work spanned over the period of November 2017 to February 2018 & entailed the execution of a detailed level of design. The adeptness of the design stemmed from the recreation of sublime details borrowed from the heritage & culture of the Moroccan roots. The elements chosen as highlights in the layout were soaked in a modernistic hue to bring out the contemporary nuances in them, hence making it an engaging theme for a dining destination in suburban Mumbai.

A copacetic arrangement of niches spreads over an area of about 2,800 sq. ft & primarily includes an immaculate outdoor dining lounge, a tasteful indoor dining & Bar section & a kitchen unit.

“Shalom, posed as an endearing challenge in which we entwined cultural details with physical forms. This process helps tell the story of the space whilst keeping the overall persona of the space sleek & modern.”, shares Hiren.

The outdoor section aspires to emanate the vibe of that of a whimsical Moroccan Garden of sorts. As one walks into the premises, an ornate marble water feature greets them & sets the serene tone for the venue. The stark monochrome radiating floor pattern around the central water feature is an element reminiscent of the grandeur of Moroccan Baths. The water feature additionally aids in keeping the area cool on a hot sultry day & maintains the quaint tranquility in the milieu.

The outdoor lounge area is an ode to all colors & textures that describe a setting belonging to a modern Moroccan aesthetic. The furniture upholstered in vivid hues of yellow & blue inject a sense of vitality into the space. Simultaneously, the same color combination makes its way into the handmade flooring tiles & reiterate the vivacious dialect of the designed space. This interplay of hues is composed against the Terracotta flooring & blush hue of the walls.

The customized furniture both indoors & outdoors is a rustic ensemble of cane, metalwork & strains of a buoyant color scheme. The chairs curated in Cane Wickerwork are in geometric synchrony with the patterns that adorn the flooring of the space. The enticing Latticework Cabanas along the edge of the terrace space harbors the booth style seating provision & castes majestic shadows as the day transforms into dusk.

A close focus on detail has been maintained at an intrinsic level with the addition of Brass Planters, potted Palm trees, Floor Standing T-Lights, suspended jaali work Lanterns & culled out Jharokhas.

The indoor dining nook is a reflection of the aesthetic portrayed in the outdoor section, but with a hint of an intimate layout & regal. The color palette, upholstery & ornamentation scheme indoors is curated in accordance with the high energy environ that the venue exudes, especially during the hours of the evening. Emerald green walls, monochrome wall tiling, brass panels & choicest ambient lighting stitch an exclusive atmosphere in the indoor dining & Bar section.

The Bar unit is a chic dialogue between polar black & white patterns embedded into the ornamental arches in the wall, with the addition of brass elements. The unit is accessorized further with MDF strips rendered in beautiful copper foiling.

“The details of the space have made it what it really is in its truest essence. Every addition, material & facet of design has had a profound effect in building the character of the space.”, adds Hiren.

The entire assembly of design & the unveiling of its constituent parts is made tactile with its concept of layered movement & materiality. The drapes indoors, swaying Palm trees, patterns & the symphony of light & shadow are all contributive to the perceivable juxtaposition of components. Shalom exhibits a multi-stranded design sensibility that is aesthetically & visually tangible to anyone interacting with the space.

Shalom is an amalgamation of an atmosphere replete with hues, tessellations with the modern day take on minimalistic aesthetic. The venue offers picturesque rooftop views of the animated city as one delves into the aura of Shalom’s intricately curated look & feel.


Project: Shalom Rooftop Bar & Kitchen

Architect: Hiren Ganatra, Principal Architect – ColabCompany

Design Team: Hiren Ganatra, Kavan Shah & Arpita Dhokia

Location: Mumbai

Text By: Lavanya Chopra, Team ColabCompany

Photography: Jesal Shahh

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