Rodeo Chair helps Both for Concentration and Health

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The RODEO Chair Has Been Designed To Promote “Active Sitting”

A form with a clear utility. The person sitting is constantly moving and therefore strengthens the core muscles.

The Rodeo Chair is designed by professionals based on established knowledge.

RODEO – promotes global backbone it is for work or for relaxation – we sit a lot. Rodeo chair is a perfect example of shape that fills a function and has a clear utility value. The background for the Rodeo chair was a motivation to reverse the negative development in children’s physics. The idea was a chair that would provide better conditions for strengthening the muscles. The Directorate of Health’s studies show that a teenage boy stays quiet 69 hours a week, or 70% of the day. During the growing period, where children develop a strong and functional muscle, they stiffen in a sitting pattern that contributes to a weaker and stiffer body. Such learned activity habits are continued to adulthood. Fortunately, these can be changed.

Photography by Minna Suojoki

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