Rich Heritage Perfectly Blended With Contemporary Design | Ankit Prabhudessai

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The ‘House at Stop 8’ helps us capture the essence and soul of the beautiful Indian tropical state of Goa with it’s rich heritage perfectly blended with contemporary design and lifestyle of our client. An old load bearing house adjoining the bus stop no. 8 on a busy street in Margao – Goa made way to this two-floor villa to accommodate the expanding family. We designed this three-generational house to embody the ethos of the past and yet possess the spirit of modernity, perfectly representing the contemporary life of the users. 

Rich Heritage Perfectly Blended With Contemporary Design | Ankit Prabhudessai

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A two-decade old frangipani tree and mangalore roof tiles borrowed from the old, demolished structure form an integral part of the front façade. The concept of traditional open to sky courtyards exhibited in old Goan houses came in handy to fit the large brief in roughly a 3000 sqft plot area. The requirement for having a doctor’s clinic at home urged us to have separate private and public entrances. 

The replanted sculptural frangipani tree in the entrance court as against the stark contrast of the exposed laterite masonry and skylit water court sets a stage for what awaits inside. A tropical open to sky courtyard showcased by a floor to ceiling clear glass, banked by bare concrete (I.P.S.) walls welcomes the visitor into the living room.

A custom-made concrete screen (jali) adorns one side of the Living room giving glimpse of the skylit courtyard and an extended view of the green backyard. A century old heirloom wooden console connects the sentimental aspect of the generations that have lived in the place. The open plan on the ground floor connects the entire house and romances with the tropics through its courtyards. 

Hourly shadows and the yellow fragrant frangipani tree render the skylit courtyard a dynamic nature making it a focal point of the entire house. The interplay of the elements of the skylit courtyard are reflected on the glass entrance of the Puja room.

A custom designed brass accent set against a yellow ochre I.P.S. backdrop mimics the aura of the deities it encompasses and bestows the room with an air of supreme divinity.

The dining area along with the informal kitchen is a fluid extension of the living area and opens out into the green backyard. The framing of views with full height windows creates an illusion of being with nature thus blurring the line between indoors and outdoors.

The first floor is accessed by a series of floating stairs enveloping the puja room with a skylight that creates a play of shadows on the exposed brick masonry. The bedroom on the first floor opens into a balcony with a conspicuous inverted Mangalore tile roof and is lined with a row of tropical plants ranging from heliconia, ginger lily, hibiscus, and areca palm.

The spectacular terracotta roof, bare concrete (I.P.S.) and exposed laterite walls with the heirloom Frangipani tree, tropical planters and wooden windows create a material palette of natural hues that blend with the tropical vibe of the residence.


Designed by : Ankit Prabhudessai

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : House at Stop 8

Location : Margao, Goa-India

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 1 year

Plot Area : 300 m2

Built up : 328.01 m2

Project Size : 3530 sq.ft

Project Cost : 98,40,000 INR

Principal Architect : Ar. Ankit Prabhudessai

Team Design Credits : Erica Barbosa Noronha, Nathan Barreto, Sanad Parab & Shannon Pacheco

Photograph Courtesy : Fabien Charuau

Firm’s Website Link : Ankit Prabhudessai

Firm’s Instagram Link : Ankit Prabhudessai


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