Why You Need Pavers In Your Garden

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Since time immemorial gardening has been done to beautify the surroundings, walking round an environment and seeing beautiful flowers has a particular kind of joy it brings to the soul. 

Gardens make outdoor areas not just attractive but functional also. Gardens bring immense beauty to the place, but what people do not know is that paving a garden brings more beauty to the garden itself. One can choose pavers that complement the design of a garden. Pavers can even be used to form a pathway in the middle of a garden. 

Benefits of Pavers 

So, what do you get from using pavers? 

  • Durability and flexibility 

Pavers are resistant to root growth, erosion, earthquake, and frost. This makes them perfect for gardens. And they are perfect for pathways because they do not crack from movement. 

  • Eco-friendly 

Interlocking paving stones allow water to drain through it and the bacteria that live between the stones remove toxins from the water. 

  • Versatility 

There is a wide selection of stones, styles, and colors which provide a wide variety of designs to complement the design of homes, gardens, etc. 

  • Long-lasting 

High-density pavers resist deterioration from de-icing salts and have physical properties that provide longer pavement life. 

  • Simple repairs 

Replacing damaged or broken interlocking pavers are relatively easy and do not leave evidence of patchwork behind, unlike in the case of concrete and asphalt. 

  • No stains 

By using paver sealers, you can easily prevent stains that easily occur. 

How Pavers Can Improve Gardens 

Gardens are beautiful on their own. The question is, “how do pavers make it better?” 

  • Safety 

Using pavers in one’s garden can help create a safer environment for you, your family, and even visitors. By using the right paver in the right area, you can prevent people from getting 

injured in your garden. Using pavers to make a pathway in your garden will ensure that people are guided as to where to walk on, and this can prevent injury and step on things that shouldn’t be stepped on. 

  • Aesthetic Design 

Pavers do not necessarily have to be for practical use alone; they can be used to beautify the garden further. They would make gardens, garden walls, and garden pathways look more attractive and cleaner. And with the aesthetic appeal, it could increase the value of your property. 

  • Repairs 

Because nothing lasts forever, repairs in the gardens need to be done. Unlike using other materials for pathways or your garden whereby the repairs that will be done later will leave a mark. When using pavers, one need only to remove the damaged paver and replace it with a new one, and in doing this, it leaves little or no repair mark 

  • Pergolas and Patio 

Pergolas are outdoor garden feature forming a shaded walkway or sitting area in a garden. While a patio is an outdoor space used for recreation and dining. Pavers can be used to build pergolas and patios in your gardens. 

Some Paving Design Ideas You Can Try 

When thinking about getting pavers in Adelaide, there are things you need to decide first: 

  • Identify the area that you are going to be working with 
  • Decide on the texture of pavers you would like to use 
  • Select the color of paver that will fit best with your garden 
  • Chose the style of paving stone to be used, be it brick or tile slate 
  • Then finally decide on the laying pattern of the pavers 

Now all that remains is to be creative with how the pavers will be laid, here are some designs you could use. 

  • Angles 

There are two different laying angles in which one can lay pavers. You can either go with a 90-degree angle or 45-degree angle of any point you choose 

  • Pattern inserts 

You can lay the pavers to form a pattern. The most widely used patterns is the circle kit, but you can lay different areas with different patterns to indicate what an area is meant for. Like in the case of a patio, the pattern for where the table is can be different for the pattern for where the chairs are supposed to be. 

  • Borders and banding 

You can go with the no border laying of pavers or you can as well use the single, double or triple border depending on the size of the area being paved. There are various ways you can lay paver borders, which are soldier, random, or runner. 

Wrapping It Up 

The truth is gardens are beautiful, but even the best things can be made better, and that’s where pavers come in. Pavers make your gardens more attractive. 

Since there are so many different options to choose from, also, take your time and have some fun when choosing pavers to lay in your gardens. 

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