Residence Interior Design Reflecting Its traditional values | Triple O Studio 

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Residence Interior Design Reflecting Its traditional values | Triple O Studio 

Located in Coimbatore amidst three built forms surrounding it, the Yahvi residence appears to nestle within its context yet stands out. The design philosophy of the residence reflects its ethos in the marriage of traditional values and beliefs and its modernist interpretations. One enters the residence through the cantilevered entrance portico and is led into a large verandah that draws them right into the center of the home.

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The ground floor has common spaces of interaction such as living and dining. All the common spaces on the ground floor are open to a central courtyard which is the spirit of the house. As a house with a lot of social gatherings and festivities that happen often, the courtyard acts as a focal space with the modern interpretation of a thing around it. Lined with Athangudi tiles, showcasing an opulent aesthetic, the courtyard acts as a reservoir of daylight that contributes to adequate lighting in the house.

The courtyard offers flexibility in terms of being open yet still closed. The skylight above acts as a looking glass for users to admire the changing skies. Openable fenestrations form part of the dynamic facade of the house which offers flexibility towards light and ventilation depending upon the need of the user. The Aluminium grillwork is designed to be fully opened or closed to filter visibility according to the user’s freedom. This means that the user will be able to look out through the screens while being screened from the outside. There are the seamlessness and visual fluidity between spaces as they flow from one into another. This is due to the absence of obstruction by the walls and allows free movement of users from one space to another.

One of the major features of the house is a stunning cantilever staircase that gives the visual impression of levitating without any support. The theme of the interior has been inspired by that of a peacock and the interior elements such as the bookshelf, motifs, are a deconstructed manifestation of the idea itself.

The color palette of the house also takes its inspiration from the vivid shades in a peacock and is interpreted in layers where the bright colors contrast with the earthy, calm shades in a harmonious composition and vary depending upon the users. While the interiors of the house are rich, the exteriors are minimal, in shades of grey and white with finished inspired from leaf imprints, symbolizing the client’s appreciation towards the natural quality of finishes and textures. Attention has been given to the landscaping in the house to accentuate the external visual composition.

The setback spaces are landscaped with native species while the verandah space in the front and the external hand-wash space along with the dining room use wall planters. The house symbolizes itself to be an example of what clients would expect, to be dream home. With spaces that reflect the values of a family in the way they harmonize with each other, to each and every minuscule detail that makes up every inch, this house becomes a collage of ideas that are worshipped.

Material Palette: 

Exterior finishing: Oxide flooring, Terracotta, Ceramic, Sandstone.

Interior finishing: Oxide, Blue oxide, Athangudi tiles, Textured paint.


Firm: Triple O Studio 

Client: Mrs. Lalitha Shankar and Family

Design Team: Tahaer Zoyab, Anupriya Subbian, Arshad, Deepa, Anjanakshi

Construction: Private Contractor

Structural Engineers: Kaarvens

Year of Completion: 2017

Location: Coimbatore

Site Area: 4 Grounds (9000 sqft)

Photographs: Prithvi




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