• Residence Design with An Asymmetrical Expression | Reflective Practices

    Residence Design with An Asymmetrical Expression | Reflective Practices

    This project had a special requirement of having two different houses appearing as one from outside. The clients are a family of ten and they are used to staying as a joint family. With the increasing need for space, the families are split into two similar units under one roof.

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    With the given gist the architecture of this house has been developed, it’s an asymmetrical expression of fairly simple detailing. It is a set of high volume entryways, cantilevered balconies of bedrooms, double-height window openings. These two set combines and meets at a common plane where both the families interact and that is the first floor landscaped balcony. This is the most frequently used space of the house which the client always wanted to have. Peeping inside from this space, we see a twin height living room and one more spill out space on the second floor where the bedrooms open up.

    This plane offers a sit-out area from where one can have a connection with the first-floor living area and the common landscaped balcony. What a joint family needs is this connection at every moment and this was the concept around which the horizontal and vertical planning of spaces was done.

    The materials used in the exterior are wood, travertine stone, and river-washed black granite. The stout character of granite takes place at the bottom part of the entire elevation, it creates grandness by dressing the double-height entryway, the river washed texture compliments the earthy look of the ground floor where we have created two semi-covered green pockets. The travertine stone with its rich grainy pattern dresses the double-height wall. The subtle character of wood creates warmth by dressing the underneath of the large roof slab.

    Living Room – The living room has a double-height volume and it gets highlighted with simple grooving details on walls and ceiling painted in the taupe shade. Custom made a set of hanging lights spread out its arms randomly and fills the volume. The wall which is the background for sofa seating is a long double-height wall. It starts with a blank canvas for a huge artwork with the demarcation of wooden battens. The wooden element creates a dynamic pattern spreading thorough the height and concealing a common door between the two houses and then it solidifies further with a rustic cladding of basalt stone.

    The heaviness of these materials gets broken down with the use of a sandstone panel. The panel has an engraving of leaf-veins. The overall play on the wall is a mix of silence and vibrance and so we chose an artwork like fluid art for this wall to show the fluidity of emotions.

    The mirror on the ceiling above the dining table doubles up the energy served on the table. The tabletop is a wooden surface with semi-precious stone inlay. A bespoke buffet counter and a set of monochrome wall plates enhance the experience of this space.

    Daughter’s Bedroom – A pastel bedroom is always a requirement for a teenage girl. This bedroom has a semi-classical language. The wall moldings, the checkered glass front of cabinets, molding details on the nightstand creates the semi-classical language whereas the use of rose gold metal framed glass shelves, polka dot print study tabletop and ceiling in mirror create a contemporary balance of the space. The use of powder pink tone with rose gold metal and some hues of mint color create a soothing color palette.

    Master Bedroom – A geometrical pattern in black stone inlay in white marble with brass element creates the backdrop for the bed. This pattern is laid over a set of panels with cove lights around creating the main feature for this bedroom. The geometrical expression continues over the bed headboard and drawer fronts of the nightstands and console. The fluted fabric upholstery over the furniture in a stark shade of blue breaks the monotony of colors of this space. The freshness and simplicity of this bedroom create a calm and serene experience for the user.

    Son’s Bedroom – A stout leather bed with black nightstands appearing against a concrete textured wall creates a very subtle yet young look for the teenage boy’s bedroom. The ceiling with wooden rafters and white battens along with grey wooden flooring gives it a country look. The mirror paneling on the wall helps in creating the illusion of a large space. Overall a simple rustic look for this bedroom is what the client required for his son.

    Drawing Room & Foyer – Foyer is a welcoming space at the ground floor, it has detailing of veneer paneling encasing the passageway. It brings you to a sofa seating which has intricate Indian motifs on the upholstery; a white console creates the backdrop and a stand for artifacts. A circular ceiling covered in wallpaper compliments the gentle Indian

    Motifs on the upholstery. The foyer opens up to the drawing-room through a large glass partition, thus allowing transparency of space. The clear vision starts gelling into the design of the drawing-room. The drawing room is designed keeping the large space in mind. The large space allows the clients to host small parties at their home without disturbing the living areas on the first floor.

    The space was large and it needed to have minimal use of paneling on the wall, so we have created a drama of patterns with simple wall moldings in POP, highlighted it with taupe color and gave it energy with a customized hanging light fitting at the center of the ceiling. The pale pink glass of the light fitting compliments the taupe shade used on the walls and the tapestry used. The wall décor and serving tables have hints of rose gold, metallic black, and turquoise which creates the overall color palette for this room. Opulence in design is not always using a lot of materials and expensive finishes, it is about balancing them. A simple experiment of mixing the right colors and geometry is what we have experimented in this space.

    Fact File: 

    Architecture StudioReflective Practices

    Project Name – Ashish & Amilesh Jain Residence

    Project Location – Shanti Niketan, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

    Total Built-Up area – 18,000 Sqft

    Principal Architect – Ar. Vrushali Sethi & Ar. Ashish Sethi

    The design team – Yogesh Jain, Nazneen Indorewala, Shalini Gupta, Onal Kothari, Ankita Jain

    Interior styling – Reflective Practices & pixcelcraft

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    As a firm’s ideology and true to the meaning of its name we strongly work along with the end-users of the space and try to give new dimensions as per our know-how of design and celebrate the outcome. Each of our projects is conceived by planning, design story, and technology. Our belief in uniqueness to the built environment shapes our entire project.  The firm maintains a diversified practice. Emphasis is placed on service to our client where commitment is to quality and disciplined approach to project constraint and clients need.

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