Renovation Tips To Make The Most Of Your Small Bathroom

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The typical bathroom size in an Indian home is just 7 feet by 4 feet. This is usually large enough for a bathtub, toilet, and sink. However, a bathroom of this size is often difficult to use and move around in. If this sounds like you, it’s time to remodel your small bathroom and make it more user friendly.

Opt for a corner tub

Standard baths typically measure 1400mm by 700mm or 1500mm by 800mm. This is a large chunk of your bathroom space and in a small bathroom can easily feel like it’s dominating the room. If you don’t want to ditch your bath altogether, opt for a corner bathtub. The rounded edge will give you more space to dry yourself off. Plus, they are available as left or right-handed tubs, so you can install one in the best corner of your bathroom. Another option is to ditch your bathtub altogether and switch to a walk-in shower cubicle. These come in both square and corner designs and can also be fitted in whichever corner of your room is best.

Conceal your plumbing


Your bathroom’s plumbing system plays a crucial role in keeping your water supply safe. During a bathroom renovation, it’s recommended that you replace your lead plumbing with copper piping as lead can cause health issues. Your water heater should also be checked over and replaced if there are signs that bacteria is growing in it. Once you’ve got your water supply in order, it’s wise to conceal it so that it doesn’t stand out and take up valuable room in your bathroom. Bathroom furniture with a slot cut out to cover pipes is one idea, or you could hide pipes with a pedestal basin. Whichever you choose, make sure you can still access the pipes at all times as issues such as leaks can cause water to become contaminated and will need to be repaired immediately.  

Work in glass

Glass typically reflects 4% of the light that shines on it. As a result, glass makes rooms look bigger and you should work in as much of it as you can in your bathroom. If you choose to have a bath, a clear glass bath screen is a must. If you decide that a shower is more your thing, make sure the surround is made of  solid clear glass. To make a stylish statement and instantly increase the size of your bathroom, a mirrored wall is ideal.  A mirrored wall will increase the amount of light in the room. Science says, the brighter the room, the larger it appears, so go for a mirrored wall on the largest wall you possibly can.

The majority of homes in India have small bathrooms which are difficult to move around in. But there’s no need to splash out on a pricey extension. Instead, a bathroom renovation which incorporates these clever tips and tricks is all you need to make the most of the space in your bathroom.