10 Tell-Tale Signs To Switch To A High-Efficiency Furnace For Your Home

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Maintaining the right ventilation in your home is said to be highly essential. One of the hard-working elements in your house that makes it possible is the furnace. It’s believed that a high-performing furnace can be very helpful especially during cold rainy days to snowstorms during the winter months of the year.  

If you’re relying on your current gas furnace to keep your home warm for years, it might already be striving hard to provide the right indoor temperature to your property. In such cases, it might be time to replace your old furnace with a high-efficiency model.  

Today, the furnaces available in the market are more efficient than many previous releases. Most of these furnace models utilize the latest technology and boast up-to-date heating technologies. When you have a new furnace, it’s capable of generating more heat while only consuming sufficient energy to get the job done.  

If you’re considering switching your furnace to a new model but are still adamant about the move, here are several tell-tale signs that getting a new unit for your home is the right decision to make.  

  1. Large Amounts Of Gas Consumption 

If you have a furnace that’s more than two decades old, it’s no longer efficient if you’ll compare it to the latest models in the market that utilize advanced technology.  

Once your monthly gas bills continue to increase every month, it’s a clear sign that your furnace is becoming less efficient. Generally, you can counter the costs of replacing your old furnace with the savings you’ll enjoy every month on your utility bill when you’ll buy a new one.  

  1. Leaking Gas  

Once you notice a foul smell or odor originating from your furnace, it’s a clear sign that you need a brand-new replacement. The presence of the fumes not only makes your home undesirable but can be dangerous for the health of your family. Whether it’s the scent of rotten eggs or diesel, it’s an absolute cause for concern. 

Gas furnaces generate a minimal amount of carbon monoxide via the vents. Once large amounts are escaping, it can be hazardous or even fatal for your household. In such instances, you need a new furnace right away. 

Additionally, when you have a furnace, part of regular maintenance is to have a professional inspect its carbon monoxide levels. If you want to know about professional furnace services, checking out reliable providers such as CE Plumbing & Heating and others would greatly help.  

  1. Excessive Noise Production

When you have a furnace, it usually generates a minimal level of noise. Remember that a furnace doesn’t operate silently since it requires start-up in the middle of the night and discharges air out of your home. 

However, if your unit seems to produce unusual sounds such as buzzing, rattling, or humming that intensifies over time, it’s a possible sign of a problem. Among older furnaces, the root of the noise might be an irreparable issue. The solution is to install a new furnace, especially one with noise-reducing technology.  

  1. Uneven Heating In Your House  

As furnaces start to age and deteriorate over the years, it becomes less efficient. Over time, you’ll notice the effects on the heating throughout your home.  

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Generally, the temperature for every room in your house should be the same, but when you have a deteriorating furnace, it might be struggling to maintain and provide the right temperature. If resealing the doors and windows and thoroughly cleaning the air ducts in your home couldn’t fix the issue, it might be the right time to get a new furnace.  

  1. High Costs On Maintenance  

When you have spent money on professional repairs or maintenance for your furnace aside from the yearly inspection, it’s time to consider getting a replacement. Replacing your old furnace with a new one will significantly help with the costs of ongoing repairs. Additionally, a new furnace will help lower your utility bills. 

  1. Humidity Problems   

When your furnace starts to age and is close to the end of its lifespan, it becomes inefficient and pumps out low moisture in the air. If your home feels stuffy, moldy, or dustier than usual, it’s best to consider a repair job for your furnace or get a new one immediately. 

  1. Yellow Flame In The Pilot Light  

Once the heater flame on your furnace turns yellow, it’s an indication that its lifespan is almost at its end. The yellowish glow is a sign of a probable gas issue in your furnace.  

Typically, the pilot light has a blue flame. It signifies that the combustion gets sufficient amounts of oxygen. When you have a yellow flame, it has less heat than the blue flame which can affect the temperature in your property.  

  1. Age Of Your Furnace 

The age of your furnace is a factor to consider when thinking about a replacement. For most homeowners, it’s likely your furnace is the current one when you move into your house. In most cases, it may be already near the end of its lifespan.  

If possible, check the manual or search for the model number which you’re likely to find on the furnace itself. Remember that the average lifespan typically ranges from 15-20 years, depending on the usage and maintenance it receives.  

  1. Signs Of Cracks Or Rust In Or Around The Furnace 

Once you notice evident signs of damage such as cracks or rust formation on your furnace, don’t hesitate to replace your furnace. Generally, as it starts to age, cracks or rust will form naturally over time. Aside from the cracks or rust, other indications of physical wear and tear on your furnace include dents on the metal.  

When parts or components of your furnace start to fall apart, become excessively loose, begin to chip, or have severe dents, getting a new furnace should be one of your top priorities.  

  1. An Increasing Level Of Dust Particles  

As your furnace starts to age and deteriorate, expect the buildup of the byproducts such as dust, soot, or rust particles. Once these particles accumulate in large amounts, it’s an indication that you may need to switch to a high-efficient furnace model as soon as possible. 


Replacing your old furnace with a brand-new model can be a significant investment. Today, you’ll find a good selection of high-efficiency furnace models that’ll keep your home warm at all times. 

If you’re having doubts about whether to go through with a furnace replacement project, you need to watch out for these tell-tale signs. Once you notice any of these signs, getting a replacement is the best decision you’ll make. With a new furnace, it’s a worthy investment that can help save on your utility bills while ensuring the right temperature in your home all year round.