Dalal House: Piece of Modern Architecture Layered with De Stijl | Groundwork Architecture

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A rather refined visual composition of the De Stijl art movement. Primary components such as bricks, concrete and wood advocate the abstraction in this structure of modern architecture. Apart from visual analogy, meticulous spatial divisions, simplified materiality also parallels the movement. Fabricating horizontal and vertical structures in various layers, reflects a unique approach and clarity of materials, yet appeals to masses with simplicity of it’s craft. This balance emphasizes the idea of comfort and convenience. ~Yamini Vaswani

Dalal House: Piece of Modern Architecture Layered with De Stijl | Groundwork Architecture

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Dalal House is built on a plot area of 1,000 sq. mt. with 20m street frontage and 50m depth. 

Thi modern architecture house is designed with an idea of creating a family living domain at the rear with all the key family areas facing the backyard in the east. The building uses natural brick and concrete as the main external finish with minimal use of plastered surfaces in functional areas. The house is spatially organized on three levels with five bedrooms, formal living, family living and dining areas, private gym and a party lounge with large veranda facing the backyard.

The house has two entrances, one a formal entry through the entrance porch and the second an entrance from the car park through the mud room. The formal entry leads to the double height vestibule which connects which connects to the main corridor of the house. The corridor acts as the main spine connecting all three levels through a staircase. The length of the corridor is broken by a sunken courtyard at the basement level also creating a light well for the staircase, the corridor and the living and the gym.

One enters the house in a foyer with an open to sky sculpture court on the left flanked on one side with the staircase, and the main spine of the house, the corridor leading to the interior spaces. The proximity of the formal living room to the vestibule maintains the privacy of the other family areas. The corridor on the ground floor closes into the family living and dining spaces which open onto the veranda facing the backyard garden in the east. The master bedroom on the first floor open onto the veranda while the gym projects onto the veranda and creates a single height volume into the otherwise double height veranda. This creates two scales of sitting spaces on the ground floor facing the garden. The basement predominantly is a large family lounge connected with the courtyard bringing natural light into it and allowing access to the outside without using the staircase.

Each façade has different proportion of opening to effectively benefit from natural light and eliminate excessive sunlight into the house. The design attempts to reduces the use of energy by harnessing renewable sources of energy. All the rainwater from the terrace is harvested in an underground tank which has to capacity to store drinking water requirements for the whole year. All bedrooms and living areas have air conditioning system installed, however all the general areas use a passive downdraft evaporative cooling system integrated in the house through a vertical shaft connecting all three floors. Some proportion of the electricity is generated through installation of solar panels on the terrace.

Fact File

Designed By: Groundwork Architecture

Typology: Residence Architecture and Design

Project Name: Dalal House

Location: Ahmedabad

Built: 2018

Principal Architects: Brijesh Bhatha & Amishi Bhatha

Photography Credits: Dhrupad Shukla

Consultants of the Project

Structure Consultant: NK Shah Consulting Engineers LLP

Landscape Design: Laspazio Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Electrical Consultants: Jhaveri Associates

Plumbing Consultants: Avani Enterprise

Contractors: Hi-Tech Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Products and Materials: Aluminum Doors and Windows: HIFAB Aluminum Pvt Ltd | Wire cut bricks: Jai Jalaram Brickworks | Polished Kota Stone: Jayantilal & Co. | Vitrified Floor and Wall Tiles: Restile Ceramics Ltd.

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