Re-use Was The Design Mantra For This French Style Apartment | SAGI Architects

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Re-use Was The Design Mantra For This French Style Apartment | SAGI Architects 

The client had approached few Architects including us with the set of requirements for their dream home.

Upon further discussion with the client for knowing them better, we discovered that the couple met each other in France while pursuing their respective post-graduation courses.

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This conversation was the driving factor for our design proposal. We imagined the space to have French influence in terms of décor thus respecting the history, in design. Client loved the conceptual idea and we were onboard for this one!

We at SAGI believe that a home experience must provide calmness and peace on a day-to-day basis. Similarly, for Midas touch, the design had to stay true to established décor principles while injecting a healthy dose of the homeowner’s personality into the space making it quirkier and personal.

Key points taken into consideration in design:

To create a calm and timeless feel we went for a subdued palette with whites all over, simple and natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and cheesecloth with slight contrast accentuating the space precisely.

The design has basic elements of like moldings, chandeliers, brass hardware, antique furniture and wooden flooring. Glamour being a major pillar of Parisian interiors, a touch of gold is often the key of achieving it. A gilded mirror frame hanging over a dining and vanity counter, a pair of side table legs finished in antiqued gold, to hanging lights and wardrobe knobs. We made sure to give midas touch to every room in the house.

Reuse and Repurpose: Playing off the old with the new, all loose furniture was sourced from a local furniture curator, lights, artifacts and external hardware all from chorbazar later finished as desired hence coping with the client’s budget.


We went with an all-white pallete for the living room as it makes the space appear larger. With the natural light flowing in it makes things even better and feels airy.

As one enters the house  they are welcomed by this natural light that floods this house and brings out the textures and true colors.

The balcony with grass cover and green wall adds serenity and brings natural contrast within the space.

Further to enhance the style experience, we added grid made out of Corian strips on the existing windows. A subtle touch of gold on the center table and side table legs add to some glamour in the space.


 A comfortable dining experience for the family was designed without compromising on the feel of a Parisian interior.

Repurposed vintage chairs and dining table, chandelier and an extravagantly large scale mirror as a work of art on the wall creates the feel which we intended.

 The vanity area in living room is enveloped within the bare white walls creating a niche which is decorated by this ornate mirror having brass framework acting as an artwork.

The basin design hints at chinoiserie pottery which goes well along the theme of the house.


Minimal influence of Parisian décor in the form of brass framed mirror, glass light fitting and subdued floral patterned wallpaper create the ambience that is required.


The idea behind this room layout was to provide more activity space for kids without any hindrance.

Hence a bunk bed was opted for, keeping in mind the theme minimal moldings were added to the ceiling, bed and the windows. Rest all the surfaces were rendered in white paint along with a brick textured wall for the study area.

Wooden flooring was chosen to provide warmth to the space.

This study area is designed to increase the utility of the floor space and increase mobility within the room.

  The wardrobe was planned in the passage area inside the bedroom as we wanted the main area to be clutter free.

The shutter design was a subtle approach to Parisian cabinetry that uses moldings and mirrors.

Using mirror here helped us to double up this space visually.


The master bed was kept simple and elegant.

Wooden floor provided a cozy feel to the space while adding contrast to an all-white interior palate.

The wardrobe shutters follow a simpler molding design, which allow us to conceal the door to the bathroom, thus visually making it look like a wall panel.

The curtains and the blinds bring the element of color in this space.

For creating more dramatic ambience in space, hanging lights and a chandelier were added as focal point.


A small study area in the bedroom was designed by using sourcing the furniture from a local furniture curator and later repurposed for our client.


A space savvy room with a sofa cum bed that increases the utility of this room when the bed is not in use. The wall paneling conceals the door to the toilet, when closed the molding patterns come to life.


Firm name- SAGI Architects (Studio for Architecture, Graphics, and Interiors), Mumbai

Project name- The Midas Touch

Founder- Ar. Akash Dudhe

Location- Five Gardens, Matunga, South Mumbai

Photographs by: Shivkumar Dhale

Apartment area- 1200 sq ft.

Completion date: January 2020


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SAGI is a young design and build practice established in year 2015, shaped into an imaginative and dynamic professional practice. We are conceptualists who believe that architecture should be rooted in one’s environment and to a particular site. SAGI offers integrated design and build services and a holistic approach for the built environment, architectural, landscape, interior, and graphic design.

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  • An amazingly simple, no nonsense Design, that captures the essence of Optimal Space Utilisation, clients taste and subtle decor. An awesome project by a young team with most enchanting design decisions that are simply out of the box.

  • Just another piece if exemplary work by my dear friend..
    His deal and passion towards his work is something amazing..
    Cheers Akash!!
    Keep up the great work

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