• Preparing your Home for a New Dog

    The key to helping your new dog make a successful adjustment to your house is being patient and ‘being prepared.’ It might take you anywhere between two days to two months for you and your new dog to adjust with one another. The following tips can certainly help to make sure of a smooth transaction.

    Gather Supplies

    Prepare the things that your puppy will need in advance. You will need- 

    • Food
    • Food bowls
    • Water bowls
    • Leash
    • Collar, and of course 
    • Some toys

    Establish House Rules 

    Work out for the following dog-care regimen in advance among the family members of your household- 

    • Are there any rooms in the home that are off-limits? 
    • Where will the dog rest at night? 
    • Will, he/she be allowed on the couch/bed, or won’t he/she?
    • Who will feed him/her at night? 
    • Who will walk the four-legged friend first in the morning? 

    Plan the arrival 

    Try to arrange your new dog’s arrival when you can be home for a few days or during the weekend. 

    Keep the ‘Jealousy Factor’ in mind and ensure that you do not neglect other pets and family members in the household.  

    Prepare for Housetraining

    Assume that your new dog is not housetrained and start working from there. Read over the information about house training given to you at the time of adoption, and do check out house training tips on the Internet for adult dogs as some big dogs make great inside dogs. 

    Maintain a routine, and be consistent. A little extra effort on your part to come home straight from work each day will result in easier and faster housetraining.  

    Ensure all pets are healthy 

    Animal shelters take in different animals with widely varying backgrounds. Some of the animals in such animal shelters have not been even previously vaccinated. 

    Inevitably, despite these animal shelter workers’ efforts, numerous viruses can be spread and may occasionally come home with adopted dogs. 

    If you already have pets like cats and dogs at home, ensure that they are in good general health and are up-to-date on their shots before introducing them to your new dog. 

    Take your new dog to the vet within seven days after adoption. There, they will receive any needed vaccinations and a health check. 

    Make the appointment if your dog has not been neutered or spayed. Don’t let your new dog add to the problem as there are already too many homeless puppies and dogs. Most likely, the animal shelter will require that you have your new dog neutered and spayed anyway. 

    Provide them a crate 

    A crate may look to you like the canine equivalent of a cell of the jail, but to your new dog, who instinctively likes to den, it’s a home of their own. 

    It saves your dog from the headache of being yelled at unnecessarily for behavioral problems and makes obedience and house training easier. 

    Do not crate your new big dog all day or all night. A few hours a day should be sufficient, or your new dog will consider it a jail cell. 

    Use training/discipline to create a happy house for your new dog. 

    Some big dogs make great inside pets, but they need order. Let your new dog know from the start, who is the boss.

    Whenever you catch them doing something they shouldn’t, do not lose your cool. Instead, stay calm and let them know immediately in a disapproving and loud voice that they have misbehaved. 

    Whenever they do well, reward them with praise too. You can even sign up for a local dog obedience class to learn what a joy is to have a well-trained dog. 


    Taking home a new dog is indeed one of life’s biggest delights. Remember to temper your expectations. Give them time to adjust as life with you is a different experience for your new four-legged friend. 

    Do ensure to prepare your home to make it comfortable and safe for your family’s new addition.  No one will ever provide you with as much unqualified loyalty and love or greet you with as much enthusiasm as your dog. Be patient, and you will be truly rewarded by your new furry friend. 

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