Home Improvements That Pack a Punch

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Are you saving up to make some major upgrades to your home? Whether you plan to take out a loan or you want to refinance your student loans in order to free up extra money in order to pay for the renovations, making those major changes will add to the resale value of your home and bring you a major ROI. However, saving and getting access to large amounts of cash can take time so why not start with small changes that will make a big difference. Interested to find out more? In this article, we’ll explore affordable home improvements that pack a big punch. 

Paint and Wallpaper

Changing the colors and patterns on your walls can give an entirely new feel to a space. Brighter, lighter hues with a little gloss can make a room feel larger and more vibrant, while deeper matte colors offer an intimate, cozy feel. Large, bold patterns on wallpaper make a strong statement that is perfectly on-trend, while smaller, subtler designs are more traditional. You don’t have to paint or paper every surface – applying bold changes to a single wall can make it a statement area and expertly draw the eye. This will also be far cheaper.

Floor Coverings

Carpet or no carpet? Beautifully treated exposed floorboards are hugely popular right now, so removing your floor coverings and staining or polishing the wood below can really bring a space up to date at very little cost. Alternatively, you could lay down high quality laminate or vinyl flooring to give the impression of a wooden or tiled surface. If you prefer things soft underfoot, why not change the color of your carpet? Light, natural tones will make the room feel bigger, and adding a covering of this kind to boards or flags will offer a sense of homey comfort.

Adjustments to Openings

While you may not have the capacity to go entirely open plan, you should think about what to do with your existing connections between spaces. Taking down at least part of a stud wall that divides two living spaces can offer a sense of flow and make those rooms feel bigger. It can also give a sense of practicality and a sociable touch. If this isn’t possible, think about installing doors with glass panels to improve the flow of light and make all of your spaces feel a little more connected.

Smart Storage

Consider revising your storage space to be more practical. Inbuilt closets, corner units, carousel shelving and other smart solutions will help you to free up space and keep everything organized. Guests will be impressed at the innovative approach you’ve taken, and your stress levels will be significantly reduced.

Kitchen and Bathroom Fittings

You don’t have to rip out your whole kitchen or bathroom and start from scratch to give your place a fresh feel. By simply replacing old, tired unit doors, investing in new taps and showerheads and cleaning, changing or even painting your tiles, you can completely transform these spaces.


No matter the size or shape of your yard, balcony or outside area, you can do a great deal to refresh it. If you have very little room, you might like to use a wall as a kind of vertical garden with hanging pots and climbing plants. Consider adding a paved area and investing in outdoor furniture or, alternatively, removing old, worn paving and planting a little lawn. Being able to look out of your windows at beautiful surroundings will instantly give your home a lift.