• Post Delivery Care At Home – 5 Hygiene Maintaining Things To Do

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    Being a new mom is definitely something that is wonderful and incomparable to any other thing in the world. However, it comes with its own challenges. At a time when you are just recovering at the hospital and bonding with your newborn, it is hard to ignore the looming piles of work to do at home.

    Be it C-section or natural, giving birth is not easy. This is why post-delivery care is extremely important as your body needs the time to heal back. It is definitely an overwhelming time as you would be trying to find your equilibrium with your baby. At the same time, what is important is to do it in a disinfected and safe environment so that there are no compromises with your health.

    1. No Dirty Dishes

    This is something that we all can testify for going through. Even without a child to tend to, still, it gets cumbersome to tackle so many dishes and with a baby, it becomes even trickier and hard work. And if the dishes are not timely cleaned, then the leftovers and residue get stuck which can easily become a breeding ground for germs. Therefore, the idea is not to let the dishes pile up to stress you at the end of the day. For this, do not hesitate to have multiple loads of the dishwasher throughout the day if it needs to be done so. Or, you can also think of eating out from disposable tableware which will at the most need to be tossed out in the trash with the rest of the stuff. Trust us, this will save you tons of work.

    2. Clean Bathrooms

    Irrespective of the style of birth you may have chosen, you will still be prone to catch infections if you have an unkempt bathroom. Therefore, to prevent that, have the area a little more maintained than you generally go for. The toilet should be cleaned every alternate day to be extra safe as postpartum frequent urination is the real thing. Have multipurpose anti-bacterial wipes ready on the counter to help you for any uses and to wipe any speck of uncleanliness right then and there which will keep the region cleaner for longer.

    3. Deep Cleaning

    After going through so much, your body’s immunity system takes time to spring back into its previous form. Also, now you have a newborn to consider too. As babies are very susceptible to allergies due to their lack of immunity, it is wise enough to take care of your home’s hygiene in all aspects. Besides, as it is inadvisable to physically exert yourself in being in postnatal recovery, it is better to go in for cleaning services which can do it for you. The professional deep cleaning will not only help you to maintain the cleanliness of the place in the best way, but it will also leave you with a house that is freshly fragrant all the time.

    4. Sanitization

    With the prevalent situation of the pandemic still going strong, it is very important to consider taking sanitization even more seriously for maintaining hygiene levels at all times. Not only the areas around your baby, but you should be sanitizing the regions around yourself too. Doorknobs, the bassinet or crib edges, the baby’s products, the changing table, etc. should always be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

    5. Personal Care Products

    Last but equally important, you should not shy away from getting yourself the things that will make going through this part of your life in an easy manner. Yes, your baby is the center of your universe but you are also a new mom. Therefore, you should get all the must-have products for personal care that will take care of your body and skin. Birthing changes a lot of things and that is why, with your baby, you also need all the extra care to stay protected from any kind of skin infections or hygiene issues.

    Post-delivery and getting to know your baby at home is indeed an amazing time. And to be able to enjoy that in a clean environment will make it more magical and safer. Thus, we hope that this blog post helps you to figure things out. And, yes, a Big Congratulations from us to you on this new and amazing journey of life! 🙂

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