• Plumbing Options to Help Lower Your Water Bill

    Utility bills can stack up, cutting into your monthly budget. But did you know there are a few simple ways to lower your monthly water usage to cut down your overall expenses?

    For example, your plumber can identify and repair leaks in your faucets and pipes. Unfortunately, even small leaks, drips, and other water wastage can amount to a massive bill at the end of the month.

    According to the EPA, Americans use an average of 88 gallons of water at home per day. However, we could easily cut our daily water usage in half without disrupting our routine. You or a certified professional can make several at-home adjustments to help lower your usage. Let’s take a look at some water-saving tips, so you can start reducing your water bill.

    Fix All Leaks And Drips

    The average American wastes about 45 gallons of water per week. That means a household of four people uses nearly 9,400 gallons of unneeded water annually. A significant portion of this wastage is caused by drips, worn toilet flappers, leaky faucets, and broken pipes. Nationwide, household leaks waste up to 900 billion gallons of water every year, if not more.

    Additionally, you should inspect your home’s bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor faucets for pooled water. Don’t forget to check the showerheads, toilets, and any accessible pipes, too. Once these problems are repaired, you’ll likely notice a significant drop in your water bill. However, you can make three upgrades to your home’s plumbing to help wrack up even more long-term savings.

    1.   Install, Repair, Or Replace Aerators on Your Faucets

    Many people overlook the importance of the aerator on their faucets when trying to lessen water usage. The aerator is the mesh screen – or similar part – that’s fitted to the tip of your faucet. However, this component can occasionally loosen, which impacts its effectiveness.

    Utilizing an aerator reduces water usage by nearly six liters per minute compared to a completely open faucet. They can be installed on most taps, and households that use them save an average of 1,274 liters of water per month. In fact, this is one of the most common parts that plumbers add or replace to make your plumbing system more efficient.

    2.   Upgrade Your Showerhead & Adjust Toilets to Low Flow

    Installing a new showerhead that has the EPA’s WaterSense label could significantly lower your water bill. These efficient models save the average family around 2,7000 gallons annually. To put that number into perspective, that is equal to the water required to wash 88 loads of laundry.

    When using a low-flow showerhead, 175 minutes of showering uses only 262 gallons of water. That means you could save approximately 60% each month. In addition, low-flow showerheads not only reduce water usage, but they help your home use less energy as well.

    Toilet usage is similar to the amount of water usage for showers and washers. Replacing your toilets with newer, more efficient models is a simple adjustment that delivers significant results.

    Low-flow toilets use around 1.6 gallons of water for each flush. Comparatively, older standard toilets can use up to seven gallons per flush. Replacing an inefficient toilet with a more eco-friendly model can save a household nearly 13,000 gallons, or $140, per year.

    3.   Upgrade Your Dishwasher or Washing Machine

    Upgrading your appliances may sound like a waste of money due to the considerable upfront cost. However, outdated models consume more energy and use more water than their newer counterparts. Therefore, you’ll likely experience significant savings over time once you install more efficient machines.

    Washing laundry accounts for approximately 16% of your total water usage. So it’s important to note just how much money an old washing machine or dishwasher can waste.

    Lowering Your Water Bill Is Easier Than It Seems

    There are many ways to reduce water usage and to lower your monthly bills. And innovations in plumbing technologies have made it even easier. So if you’re willing to make some household upgrades, consider investing in more efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances.

    Alternatively, those who aren’t in the position to make these changes can still take steps to reduce their utility expenses by making some simple repairs and replacing small, affordable parts. You won’t believe how much water you’ll be saving if you follow these steps, and your bank account will thank you, too.

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