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    We have loved designing the commercial space – “Chartered Accountant Office” with the carpet area of 1350 sq.ft located at Jalgaon , Maharashtra . The primary focus of the entire design was to keep on the elegance and the simplicity of the area. We tried to successfully work upon the element and take the best use of incorporating the natural light and efficiently bringing out that on the space, hence the materials, the colors, the lights, and all other interior aspects that brought out space as it’s turned out. 

    Modern Design and Efficient Planning in this Office Interiors | Kalpvastu Design Studio

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    The key areas of design focus: – reception & waiting area, 3 separate cabins specifically for meetings divided by glass partition and a workstation. The client had the simplest requirement yet a tough one stating: ‘SPACE’ that not catches the client’s attention but also creates efficiency in the workspace.

    Reception & waiting area: I always believe the more use of white in the space the wider it makes the space look. Installed bronze mirror panel behind the reception making it the highlighting wall but at the same time, these are storage and are opening at the passage side. Moving towards the wall paneling , right beside the reception area , the veneer panel and marble cladding hence breaking the white and adding another color to this space.

    Coming to the Cabin 1 , the headwall or the back wall has been coated with grey color, and to assure that the wall doesn’t look dull added a pattern of wooden battens , thus adding an aesthetic look and which is also the hidden door for attached toilet . Complementing the furniture, the satavario marble table has been made accordingly as grey and has used a combination of grey shutters and veneer over the top and dark wooden flooring. To add that pop and spark of color to the cabin we have added that in furniture with the bright colored sofa, making the interior as subtle as needed and balancing with the elements, and not making it look boring.

    Now moving to the cabin 2, the headwall has been coated with the pleasant peach color with geometrical patterns to give subtle look and which is also a secret door for cabin 1 , complementing the furniture, classic beige marble top table added with grey shutter and veneer top side storage. The ceiling is also eye catching as geometrical pattern added to the ceiling in pleasant peach color. 

    Coming to the director’s cabin / MD cabin, the headwall or the back wall has been paneled with satavario marble , and to assure that the wall doesn’t look dull added a wooden battens , thus, adding an aesthetic look. Complementing the furniture the satavario marble table has been made accordingly as grey and has used a combination of grey shutters and veneer over the top and grey wooden flooring.

    Now Moving ahead to senior and junior workstation , it has been given a very subtle look by using veneer panel with highlighting pattern, and white marble tabletop has been installed. Played with lines in space hence vertical lines in the elevation and horizontal linear niche for indirect lighting in the store unit . The furniture here used is in tones of beige and white color , the walls are more in the neutral story. Therefore ensuring the balance in the space. The partition between the cabins and workstation has been done using sandwich opaque glass and wooden framing resolving the issues of visibility and privacy at the same time.

    Fact File

    Designed By: Kalpvastu Design Studio

    Typology: Office Interior Design

    Project Name: Chartered Accountant Office

    Location: Jalgaon, Maharashtra

    Year Built: 2020-2021

    Duration: 1 Year

    Size: 1350 sq.ft.

    Principal Architects: Puneet Pagariya and Ruchi Pagariya

    Design Team: Pravin Kadel

    Photography Credits: Orange Photography

    Projects and Consultants

    MEP & HVAC: Sanket Mundada

    Project Manager: Abbed Shaikh

    Products and Materials: Marble: Arihant Marble Qutone Tiles Johnson Tiles | Wallcovering / cladding: Plywood Corporation | Lighting: Max Lighting Devika Lighting | Sanitaryware: Grohe Fittings Ceromo Studio | Windows: Neeraj Nahata | Loose Furniture: Jainam Design Studio

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    Firm’s Instagram Link: Kalpvastu Design Studio

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