Modern Minimalist House Combined with Simplicity | Studio 7 Designs

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This 4bhk apartment combines modernity with minimalism. The design tries to achieve simple, superfluous elements, colors, textures, and shapes. Concept of modern minimalist house with statement details. The subtle warm palette used throughout the house gives welcoming effect resonating the personality of the owners. The apartment has been meticulously designed and detailed using different material and textures.

Modern Minimalist House Combined with Simplicity | Studio 7 Designs

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The Material used are Burma teak veneer, metal elements, CNC pattern on MDF with PU coating and subtle colors for the essence of modern minimalist house. The living and dining room was made to appear like one continuous space, where the walls have neutral colors and the furniture pieces have been chosen such to add color.

For the extended balcony, we have given pattern tiles to differentiate the area and to create a cozy corner for the clients the wooden ceiling and the vertical plant on the wall dynamically changes the nature of the whole space.

We have tried to open the kitchen corner for visual connection as per the client requirements by incorporating designed jali which allows a view and adds an aesthetic corner at the junction of foyer and living room. These small details are a value addition for the project. To break the monotony of the foyer wall and make the window with designed jali as a focal point for the living area.

Master bedrooms are often the space where one retreats for comfort after a taxing day. Therefor the space should ideally aide this with materials and aesthetics that provide comfort and relaxation like earthy, grey tones with greens and splash of color added by the medium of art. White and light grey added in the room to bring light and brightness in the space.

Daughters’ bedroom: Pastel color shade transfers you to a relaxed zone and puts you at ease after a long day by just stepping inside, in this room we have tried adding a pastel shade to the wardrobe to add a pop of color to break the monotony of the shades range used and give the space a soothing effect.

Puja rooms are not just for performing religious customs, these spaces serve as areas for contemplation and meditation, hence soothing tones and patterns are used in the background to highlight the wall. It adds dimension and mood to the space and serves the purpose.

Warm colors, concrete textures, and soothing finishes. An interior focus on clean, sleek lines and striking elements like ethnic design in modernity and often gives off a peaceful, serene feel. Minimalistic home was the approach for styling this house. It is free of any clutter, only displaying items like couches, tables, light fixtures, plantation that are essential for functioning living. A clean design with a touch of luxury.

Fact File

Designed By: Studio 7 Designs

Typology: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: VN Shah House

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Year Built: 2021

Duration: 4 Months

Size: 1700 sq.ft.

Project Cost Appx: 2800/sq.ft.

Design Team: Unnati Patel, Rajnysh Rami

Photography Credits: Tejas Shah Photography

Project Consultants

Contractors: Sahil, Samuram

Products and Materials: Finishes: BK Enterprise | Construction Material: Jain Marble | Lighting: Ledlum | Paint: Asian Paints | Artefacts: Ikea | Hardware: Ebco Evershine

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