“Please Be Seated” Responds to the Changing Rhythm of the Community!

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“Please Be Seated” Responds to the Changing Rhythm of the Community!

Designer: Paul Cocksedge

Design Festival and British Land, located in the busy thoroughfare of Finsbury Avenue Square. It’s designed as a rippling wave of wood that rises up to form arches for people to walk through, and curves under to create spaces for people to sit, lie, and relax.

“This piece was an instinctive response to the space and the rhythm of people through it, based on early sketches by hand,” says Paul Cocksedge.

“It solves the practical problem of creating an artwork that fills a public square and engages passersby, without obstructing the space.”

Paul Cocksedge Studio partnered with Essex high-end interior company White & White and Arup to create Please be Seated, which is made from 1,152 reclaimed scaffolding boards.

Each one has been planed, sanded, and cut to become part of a series of huge curves and concentric circles. The piece is located in the heart of London’s Broadgate – a diverse hub connecting innovation and finance – and is the most ambitious of British Land’s commissions to date.

Source: Yanko Design 

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