Pet Vacuums – What are they? How are they different? Which is the best? What is a vacuum cleaner in the first place?

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Most of us will know what a vacuum cleaner will do. It is a machine that is used to suck the debris and dirt particles from the floor, carpet, and most of the household areas using an air suction mechanism. The invention of a vacuum cleaner has changed the way of traditional cleaning methods comprising a broom sweep or a cloth soaked with the detergent. These old methods have some disadvantages like health issues due to the chemical in detergent and effort in the case of a broomstick.

Why do we need a Pet Vacuum Cleaner?

Most of us love to use carpets in our houses. 70% of those carpet lovers will also be loving pets. However, the combo of a dog and a carpet won’t work always. The main issue with this combo is having the hair particles of the dog all over the carpet and in some other places too. Although we regularly comb our dog’s hair, the removal of hair from its body won’t stop. A normal vacuum cleaner won’t be efficient in removing the hair debris. Hence we need a pet vacuum cleaner to remove these minute hair particles from the carpets most of the time. Some pet vacuum cleaners will also be helpful in replacing the odor of the animal in the house with fragrance. A Shark pet vacuum is an example of a pet vacuum cleaner available in the market.

Vacuum cleaner vs A pet vacuum cleaner

A normal vacuum cleaner is a machine used to clean up the debris that is quite large enough to the naked eye and be picked by our hands. To clean very minute particles like the hair of pets like dogs or cats, these vacuum cleaners won’t have specific accessories. If you use a normal vacuum cleaner to pick up the hair from the carpet, the removal process won’t be complete and there is a risk of the cleaner getting stuck with the hair particles. But a pet vacuum cleaner is the same cleaner with some additional accessories and features such as those listed below. 

Special accessories in a Pet vacuum

• Motorized rotating brush for dust removal

• Height adjustment facility

• Crevice tools

• Turbo nozzles

• Highly 

Factors to be considered while choosing a Pet vacuum 

Having a lot of advertisements on the kinds of vacuum cleaners available, it can be difficult to choose the best vacuum for pets. Some of the factors are listed below.

The Suction Power

The basic characteristic of a good vacuum cleaner is the suction power since the main mechanism of the machine is the Suction. For a pet vacuum cleaner, it is important to have more Suction power since more effort will be needed to remove the minute hair particles. So, the motor in these vacuum cleaners should be powerful enough to provide a suction power of around 250 watts in the least case.

Filtration and the brush roll

In the case of vacuum cleaners, it is not only a process of taking away the debris from the floor or carpets but also the removal of them from the cleaner itself. It cannot store everything it sucks. So a powerful filtration process will help to dump even the minute particles inside the vacuum into the dustbin. The filter should also be helpful in picking up the allergens that may cause some allergy problems. Some of the types of filters employed in various cleaners are listed.

• Efficiency Particulate Air filters (EPA)

• High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters (HEPA)

• Ultra Low Penetration Air Filters (ULPA)

These filtration specifications will be clearly labeled in pet vacuum cleaners. The brush roll is the significant accessory that differs a pet vacuum cleaner from a normal vacuum cleaner. The brush roll is responsible to suck the hair particles from the floor and carpets. The roll is powered by a rotating motor and a centrifugal force created inside the vacuum picks up all the minute particles and store in the bag inside the vacuum. To clean the unwanted hair particles from the brush roll after the suction process, a system called Zero-M is used in some Shark products. This system removes all the unwanted hair from the brush roll without our effort. A canister vacuum will be the best one to have a powerful motorized brush roll. Some shark products have a LED on the head to assist in the dark places. 

Pet Accessories

On purchasing a pet vacuum cleaner, one should be aware of the specific accessories as mentioned above to make sure that the cleaner can be used for pet hair removal. A rotating brush roll and a high-level filtration system along with an upright design are the key things to look out for.