Bathroom Renovation Tips From Mayfair Building Group, South Australia

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Mayfair Building Group is an Australian Certified Contractor that offers unique bathroom renovation tips to their clients that have a positive impact on the end result. The South Australian government has approved the following to help the new home buyer or investor to make informed decisions. For those interested in renovating their current home, these tips provide great insight into what it takes to successfully complete the project.

A new bathroom renovation is often intimidating for first-time home owners. No matter which style or size you choose, there are many variables that will come into play, from the design and construction, to the way the products are delivered. There are a few guidelines that all new home owners should follow, to help make the experience a pleasant one.

Find Out How Much Water Your Home Requires

The first thing you should do, before anything else, is to find out how much water your home requires. Water usage is a critical component of every bathroom renovation, so be prepared to go over this with the contractor, or you can ask a skilled architect. Also, you should know the minimum amount of water in each faucet, and shower head need, as well as a measurement of the overall water use of your entire bathroom.

Research Your Specific Needs

Keep in mind that it is essential to research your specific needs, before moving forward with your bathroom renovation. Even if you are completely remodeling your bathroom, take measurements of the existing faucets and shower heads to determine the size, shape, and position of the faucets and shower heads you may need. This will save you time, money, and headaches down the road. Also, to remodel an existing bathroom, you must be a joint effort between the contractor and client.

Measure The Dimensions Of Your Shower Enclosure And Where You Are Going To Be Placing The Faucets

If you are doing a small bathroom remodeling job, it can be difficult to get away with replacing just one faucet or shower head. Be sure to measure the dimensions of your shower enclosure and where you are going to be placing the faucets.

Replace Wall Pipes Between The Floor And Ceiling

Next, be sure to replace the wall pipes between the floor and ceiling. The walls should also be repaired if they were installed incorrectly. Also, make sure to measure where the toilet was located, in order to be sure that your replacement toilet will match the size and dimensions of the old toilet.

Plan To Move The Bathtub Fixtures And Installation

Always make sure that you are planning to move the bathtub fixtures with the installation. This can save you a considerable amount of money.

Ask For A Quotation With All The Costs Detailed To Your Contractor

When you have your contractor in, ask them to give you a sample quotation with all the costs detailed. Be certain to get all the materials you will need, as well as extra extras that will make the remodel more cost effective.

Do not forget to get price estimates, so you know the project will be within your budget. A new bathroom renovation should not require you to buy a new house, so do not worry about the thousands of dollars you may spend on the cost of the project.

Discuss With Your Contactor The Timeline And Budget, And Work Together To Reach An Agreement On A Price

Once you have received the quote, sit down with your contractor, and discuss all the options available, and make sure you are comfortable with what is being considered for the final decision. The contractor will be willing to meet with you at your house, or at a local hotel, to review the options you presented. Discuss the timeline as well as the budget, and work together to reach an agreement on a price.

Ensure that you do your homework, before committing to a contractor. Take notes about their previous projects, and even ask them to provide you with a reference.

Trust Your Gut Instinct

Finally, the final touch is creating a design or combination of colors, textures, and design ideas that you are happy with. Be sure to trust your gut instinct as you make your final decisions.