Pastry School Designed In Modern European Style | 4th dimension

Pastry School Designed In Modern European Style | 4th dimension

It was conceptualized to outline the two core spaces- the reception and meeting area with the intended European ethos diving into an alluded appeal and appropriateness. 

Richness and tranquility infused with a modern European style is the essence of this space. Here is a school for baking based in Mumbai that has a tie-up with a Swiss company- SEP (School of European Pastry) and hence the place takes shape to delineate its origins.  The client briefing envisaged a space with a contemporary European touch without giving up on quality and technicality. A reception, a meeting space, and classrooms make the core areas of the institute. It was conceptualized to outline the two core spaces- the reception and meeting area with the intended European ethos diving into an alluded appeal and appropriateness.  

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The reception has an engaging blend of wall paneling, French-style detailing, and voguish furnishings. All these along with the soothing color palette imbibe a settled tranquilizing feel.  The pastel peach for the wall paneling was consciously chosen for its uniqueness, rarity, and its association with the red color in the company logo. This idea of wall paneling with vertical flutings provides a sense of depth to space. The wall narrates the accomplishments, recognitions, and lifetime achievements of the two renowned founder head chefs.

Another interesting longer wall was designed to retain its connections with the corridors while instilling the rich westernized appeal to it. Fixed louvers and French window style framing are the main elements behind the outcome. A well-lit mesmerizing display behind the reception desk, again, portrays the winnings of the chef duo. What appropriates the concept of the vertical surfaces is the customized modern sofas and tea-poi with its present-day materials and colors. The floor and the ceiling are left plain and worthy of their magical lightings and chandelier that adds apt bling to the room.

The classrooms are huge with a robust industrialized approach. They imparted a true design challenge with a complex technicality in integrating all the services and functions. “The classrooms demanded as much challenge and involvement as a complete project itself”, says the lead architect. They mostly use steel for easy maintenance and convenience with their granite table-top.

The cleaning and maintaining had to be quick for the consequent batches. Maintaining a constant balance between ambient temperature, humidity, and exhaust to their precision- for the pastries to have the desired texture and savor was the main challenge. The room has adequate lighting with individual practice tables and a table for the head chef surrounded by supportive appliances.

To interest the users with an easy-going flavor, a graffiti wall was introduced in the classrooms with the juggling of words in various sizes. Also, the creative idea of naming the store and other utilitarian areas with the name of distinct flavor adds that element of amusement.

One cannot miss the warm and ambient meeting space positioned between the classrooms for its recognized associations and involvement with the working areas. The room follows the same concept as the reception with its peach paneling and displays. It also acts as an extension to the work areas with its sliding folding doors and appropriate positioning. The walls are dedicated to the displays while the storage console is left minimal to not be the cynosure. Vibrant plush sofas centralize the space with its appealing hue and a sense of comfort. The main feature here is the digitally printed motorized blind displaying the essences of Europe and Mumbai.

Overall, the institute deems a modern aesthetic- comprising adequate design sense and detailing to bring out the intended outcome of an innovative and functional setup. The reward was the best a designer could attain- a satisfied client!

Fact File :

Designed by: 4th dimension

Project type: institutional

Project name: SEP (school for European pastry)

Location: kanakia wall street Andheri. Mumbai.

Year built: 2019

Size: 2400sqft 

Principal Architect: Mihir And Rinki Kotak

Photograph courtesy: phxindia 

Text Credit: Megha Hirani


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