Creating Hamptons Style Interiors

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The mention of the Hamptons instantly conjures images of beautiful, impeccable and luxurious holiday homes by the beach; long, leisurely walks on the sand; and fun cocktail parties surrounded by friends and families. Hamptons-style homes give off a fresh, laidback, elegant and comfortable vibe coveted by many. If you’ve always dreamt of living in a Hamptons-style home, here’s how you can create the atmosphere and design in your own house:

Personalize Thoughtfully

The essence of a Hamptons-style house is that it should be welcoming, inviting and immediately feel like home. One of the best ways to achieve that cozy, comfy vibe is by thoughtfully adding personal touches throughout your home. Choose some of your best or favorite family photos from memorable vacations or trips, or momentous occasions or significant events, and avail of a professional service that specializes in printing photos. Have them framed in stylish and elegant frames that match the rest of your decor to add both warmth and character to your home. is one of the best printing services out there, and they can do so much more than just print your photos for you. For a reasonable price, you can have a team of their designers curate your photos and put together a photo book for you, which you can then display on your coffee table or in your living room. This would make a great conversation piece for when you entertain friends and family in your Hamptons-style haven.

Natural Lighting

Plenty of natural light is essential to pulling off the Hamptons style. Allow your windows to let in as much light as possible by using lightweight or sheer curtains in white or a light neutral. If you have the budget for renovations, you might want to consider adding more windows or even putting in a skylight.

If you’re working on a tighter budget and don’t get a lot of natural light, consider investing in full spectrum light bulbs, which mimic natural light and can significantly brighten your home. They are a bit more expensive than regular light bulbs, but are a great investment if you want to achieve that fresh and bright Hamptons feel.

Coastal Colors

Some people think that Hamptons style means all white everything. It’s true that Hamptons-style interiors typically feature a whole lot of white, but pure white can be quite a high maintenance color to keep pristine, especially if you have a large household or young children.

You don’t have to limit yourself to an all-white palette. You can still achieve the Hamptons-style feel by using coastal colors like navy, pale blue, soft grays and creamy neutrals like beige and taupe. Think colors of the seaside; soft, sandy beaches and clear blue skies and water.

Think Nautical

Hamptons-style homes are very much associated with the sea and coast. When decorating a Hamptons-style home, choose items that have a nautical feel or that are inspired by the ocean. Materials to use include high quality cotton fabric, natural rope, timber, iron and wicker.

These are just a few tips to get you started with creating the perfect Hamptons-style interiors for your home. Get inspiration from Pinterest boards and photos in travel and home and design magazines. With a bit of creativity and careful thought, you can find a way to make the style work for your own unique home and personality.

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