• Overlooking Concrete Modernism this Residence brings the Much Needed Calm and Respite | Studio Ruh

    Embracing the legacy of Geoffrey Bawa, this quaint residence exercising modernism houses some significant objects of intrigue. The unobstructed composition of kitchen, living and dining spaces catapults you to the bygone era. The antiques like the exquisitely crafted mirror, the hand-chiseled stone sink, the live edge dining table with brass joineries  bond seamlessly to create a period drama with the contemporary kitchen that coyly joins in. While the fiddle leaf fig soaks in some light, the slightly askew vintage print frames etch the perception of a niche, rather differently. The space, in totality, caresses everything art, warmth and comfort, tailored to the residents. ~Yamini Vaswani

    Overlooking Concrete Modernism this Residence brings the Much Needed Calm and Respite | Studio Ruh

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    Tucked in the quiet and verdant streets of Indiranagar, this 20-year-old townhouse belonging to Radeesh Shetty is held still in the clasps of time. Cascading over the second floor and terrace level, the Open-Plan Residence has been breathed to life with an acute penchant for detail, art, heritage and is the  resultant  of  an  elated  love  affair  with  Tropical  Modernism.  A crossover amidst restoration and gut renovation, this residence for the Founder and Director of The Purple Turtles and Beruru celebrates his passion for craft and eye for priceless curios that transcends thresholds on maps.

    The Open-Plan Residence celebrates raw and tactile materiality while entwining fingers with the new, speckled with craft and artefacts; these elements seam together an anomalous visual narrative that is composed of slivers of memories, journeys, and art that tell a story of the one who resides in its walls. The home comes to life amid lush greenery indoors and outdoors, where the fluidic spaces explore their modernist tendencies while amalgamating with antiques that brew a timeless concoction.

    Solid wood, natural cane, stone, metal, and stucco on walls are the leitmotifs in the design palette and render the space in an earthy persona. Radeesh’s homegrown décor atelier The Purple Turtles and Beruru were instrumental in sourcing statement pieces of furniture, bric-a-brac, and planters that find their dedicated home in curated niches. The home’s design metamorphosis is driven by the intent of harnessing maximized natural light, creating a seamless flow between zones and the retention of original mosaic terrazzo flooring that was polished and restored to its former glory.

    The living room accommodates an intimate gathering with ease and can don the cape of a versatile space whether it’s to unwind in or to host. The Balinese Lotus Leaves art on the accent wall was created by a Vietnamese artist; its presence imbues the formal living with a sense of vigor. The neutral canvas of the space is punctuated by rich hues of maroons, olives, and the warmth of rattan in the form of artifacts, upholstery, and indoor greens.

    Flanking the living section on one side is the dining area that allows users to congregate and enjoy piping meals together. A live-edge dining table crafted in Pondicherry with intricate brass joinery details is the focal piece of furniture where the delicate hardware seems to interlace the majestic wooden slab together. Glimpses of the living area are caught as reflections in the colossal wooden framed mirror which has been created immaculately using a carved restored antique door frame infusing modernism; this in turn visually amplifies the space in volume and fills the communal areas with umpteen natural light. An alcove houses the hand-chiseled stone sink that builds on the bare material identity of the spaces. A recessed niche by the dining houses a vintage wooden hutch that poses as a bar on one side and a collage of minimalist prints that illustrate attires from South-East Asia on the other.

    A vision in monochromes, the guest bedroom packs in impactful design within a compact floorplan. The focal accent wall is adorned with a hand-illustration by a local artist that is a spirited take on the design ethos. A colonial-era-inspired cane and dark-stained wood bed is paired with stacked antique trunks that pose as reimagined nightstands by the window where the mammoth fiddle-leaf fig rests. The graceful Lumina pendant suspended over the bedside, sprinkled antiques and line art pepper the space with a curated nuance. The black and white cane wardrobe shutters are topped-off with antique glass knobs and are pieces of art in their own right fusing modernism!

    The master suite has been created by incorporating the balcony within the revised layout, thereby maximizing the blueprint. The design intent was tethered to creating a sanctuary of sorts for Radeesh where every inch of the space echoes serenity and understated beauty. With a muted palette, the room is layered snugly with hues and prints via soft furnishings, selected antiques, and art.

    The Open-Plan Residence’s stimulus lies in the zest for creating a home where the client’s devotion towards beauty, art, and comfort converges. “This project is a testament to the fact that a trust- driven collaboration and a shared vision for spaces can manifest into a physical resultant that redefines what the quintessential abode is for a user. This home is for the heart and eyes of a connoisseur of craft and needed to be the most honest expression of all that Radeesh finds his calling in. It is an ode to his practice, his experiences, and all things that are meaningful to him as a homeowner, all swathed in bespoke tropical prowess,” concludes Kavya

    Designed by : Studio Ruh

    Project type : Residence

    Project name : Open Plan Residence

    Location : Bangalore

    Size : 1750 sq.ft.

    Principal Architect : Kavya Sheth

    Design Team : Vasundhara Shiva Kumar, Priyanka Singh

    Photography courtesy : Meister Meister (Gokull Rao Kadam)

    Virtual styling: Samir Wadekar

    Text: Lavanya Chopra

    Products & Materials : Bamboo roof: Bamboopecker | Lanterns: Oorja Design | Lights and décor: The Purple Turtles

    Firm’s Website Link: Studio Ruh

    Firm’s Facebook Link: Studio Ruh

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Studio Ruh

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