Abundance of Sophistication and Off Beat Ambience in this New Age Minimal Design in Mumbai | Purple Backyard

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Mid-century modern, contemporary and minimal design comes together as the narrative for this house designed by Kumpal Vaid of Purple Backyard.

Abundance of Sophistication and Off Beat Ambience in this New Age Minimal Design in Mumbai | Purple Backyard

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Designed for a couple who requested nothing less than the finest, high wooden ceiling, big openings make for this transitional space. As outgoing clients, they like to share the joy of their home with family and friends – the main monolith bar community seating anchored with a rose quarts being the center around which the entire space is built.  

The tones for this home are white and white and little more white 🙂 – a PB staple in a variety of textures making for a great symphony.

The house has one common floor in stone running through the entry – kitchen – dining and living.  However, the master bedroom had a different natural stone that follows through into the bath and walk-in closet. 

The kitchen sports white concrete look alike finish – these are Ernstomeda kitchens by FCML. The back splash adds a refreshing pop in mustard these are from Bharat Flooring.

The den has a stained wood floor for that laid back vibe – it is their study/ TV room which works as a multi-use space.  

The guest room has a slight retro vibe to it, with the candy terrazzo floor from Bharat flooring.  The beautiful mirrors finished in a grey chic bring a touch of glamour in this room. The bath for guest continues the cement tones with a pretty butter lemon color wallpaper customized by Purple Backyard.

The house, overall, has been kept in muted tones, the plaster walls is a mellow contrast to the lacquered doors and the transitional manicured furniture.

There’s a small but effective utility in this house that takes care of the laundry section.  

The bar lights are some of the interesting pieces in the house designed by PB. To add zing to the vast space, we needed something in the ceiling to also center the space – thus came about a series of chandeliers in the barer shell manner to keep in line with narrative of this house.  

The light installation – the installation behind the dining is inspired by the 12 months and four seasons and how the moon and sun create the changes in the season.

Through the day it is a wall that blends in and creates a subtle background. When bar is revealed it is quite a dramatic change of things – with the birds of paradise inspired cladding inside it completely amplified the space and makes for a very charming setting.

The bed in the master has an arched effect. Kumpal Vaid says, “This house is the second home we made for this couple and the bed for their last home was a cabana style outdoorish bed, which is something they were keen on repeating in some manner this came about the arched bed with linen.”

Adding greens to the décor is an important design element for projects designed by Purple Backyard. “The deck and over all the space is amped up with a lot of greens – as in my opinion there’s nothing better than greens to bring In the nature,” Vaid concludes.

Fact File

Designed By: Purple Backyard

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: House No 7

Area: 2300 sq. ft. 

Location: Mumbai 

Principal Designer: Kumpal Vaid

Design Team: Snehal Punamiya and Rutu Mehta

Photography: Ishita Sitwala

Products and Materials: Kitchen: FCML | Flooring: Bharat Flooring

Firm’s Website Link: Purple Backyard

Firm’s Facebook Link: Purple Backyard

Firm’s Instagram Link: Purple Backyard

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