Outdoor Patios Designs that Delight and Add Value

Homeowners everywhere are working hard to turn their backyard into their own private oasis.  In order to achieve this many are turning to backyard additions like decks, patios, and other hardscaping.  Hardscaping is a low-maintenance landscaping technique that adds plenty of value to your home.  40% of HomeLight real estate agents believe hardscaping is a landscaping technique that is valuable to promote your home’s listing.  One of the most popular hardscaping additions is a patio.  Not only does a patio add to the beauty of your backyard, it also provides an additional area to entertain guests or simply relax.  Decks and patios have about a 75% return on investment, which means you will see a high value in your quality of life and a relatively high monetary value added to your home when it’s time to sell your home

Make it Entertaining

There is serious interest in a backyard living space that seamlessly transitions for the indoors.  These types of decks are usually preferred by those that want to entertain guests both inside and outside of their home.  The most appealing indoor-outdoor living area utilizes glass walls or large double glass doors so that the outdoor area can be easily accessed.  Make your outdoor living space even more appealing with a partial roof or awning to keep your guests dry even when it rains.  You can easily make your deck an entertainer’s dream by adding ample seating, several center tables, an outdoor television, and soft throw pillows and outdoor blankets for cool nights. 

Add a Swimming Pool

Nothing says outdoor fun like an in-ground swimming pool.  While the crystal clear water may be the main attraction you can make it even more enjoyable by encircling it with a spacious pool deck.  Most pool decks are made of concrete but you can use pavers or tile if you would something more unique.  Some homeowners opt for wood decking but this requires a bit more upkeep since the wood will need to be resealed more often to prevent splintering and wood rot.  A pool deck that fully encompasses the swimming area and adds a bit of extra lounge area will add to the entertainment value of your backyard.  The lounge area can be a small rectangular section or simply a long rounded continuation of the deck.  This area should provide some shade, several lounge chairs, and small outdoor tables.

And a Bit of Fire

As summer fades to fall many areas of the country are gearing up for cool nights.  But just because the night area is going to bring a chill doesn’t mean you have to give up your time spent outdoors.  Design your deck around a cozy fire pit to provide warmth on cooler nights.  A deck made of stone, brick, or tile is a perfect structure to surround a large fire pit.  Extend the deck to provide plenty of space for outdoor chairs and sofas.  You can use a metal fire pit or make your own fire pit with some type of hardscaping material.  If you would like to go one step further, you can upgrade from a fire pit to a fireplace.  A fireplace is a permanent structure that requires a heat source (either natural gas or wood) to operate.  You can install a sitting wall around the fireplace as well to provide even more seating for guests.  Fireplaces can be made of natural stone, concrete, brick,  and stucco.  Choose a material that coordinates with your house and the vibe of your backyard. 

Outdoor Deck for the Amateur Chef

A fully functional outdoor kitchen is perfect for whipping up a meal, but to make outdoor dining truly enjoyable you need a deck.  Outdoor kitchens are usually surrounded by a patio made of brick, stone, tile, or wood.  These decks aren’t just a spot to sit a grill and a table.  An outdoor kitchen patio should provide plenty of space for a grill, counterspace, cabinets, sink, and dining area.  Ample seating will make the grilling area perfect for dining and entertaining guests especially when it is furnished with an outdoor dining table, comfortable outdoor seating, and spots of greenery. 

Choose a deck or patio that fits your home’s style and your needs.  Remember that this addition will be around for a very long time, so make sure you choose something that you and your family will enjoy as well as a design that will add value to your home. 

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