• 5 practical tips towards a well organised kitchen countertop

    5 practical tips towards a well organised kitchen countertop

    Owing to the hectic lifestyles, people often miss out on joyful kitchen experiences. Getting yourself a meal ready is in itself a challenge after a long day at work. If at all, you force yourself into the kitchen, the last thing you want to see is a messy worktop.

    Granite countertops are the perfect kitchen worktop material. They’re durable, attractive, and they come in many different colours. But granite isn’t for everyone; it’s expensive and labour-intensive to install. What are granite countertops good for? Why not find out about granite worktops from North Wales-based company Eurostone.

    Unorganized kitchens may be a potential reason why some people do not develop an interest in cooking. If you relate to the mentioned troubles already, we bring you 5 practical tips that will help you organize your kitchen better.

    1. Choose your appliances wisely

    People are obsessed with new arrivals in the market and often get appliances that have limited to very little practical use. Smartly distinguishing between the appliances, you need and the ones which won’t offer too much help is the key to an organized kitchen.

    For instance, a blender can satisfactorily replicate the functions of a food processor except for its larger output rate. To comprehensively brief it up, individuals should avoid getting appliances that end up being rarely used.

    Before investing in kitchen appliances, make sure to thoroughly analyze them on the basis of honest reviews.

    1. Clear your worktop

    No matter what the size of your kitchen worktop is, you must always keep things off of it. Especially, people with limited kitchen space must stick to this rule. Believe it or not, a clear worktop stimulates calmness and serenity leading to pleasant kitchen experiences.

    Sink related essentials like the sponge or scrubber should be stored in dedicated holders rather than lying around on the countertop. Moving the paper towels to the cabinets can clear out some square footage. Installing a magnetic knife rack on the wall can eliminate the danger of young ones reaching sharp cutlery. Moreover, you can visit Kitchenotic to find the best brands of all kinds of kitchen appliances before you decide to purchase them.

    1. Use vertical storage

    Efficiently using the third dimension of your kitchen space can prove to be a revolutionary idea to counter the kitchen mess. Stacking kitchen essentials along the height of the kitchen can potentially fetch you a spacious cooking expanse.

    Installing a free-standing metallic rack can effectively utilize the vertical dimension of your kitchen. Such a shelve can easily accommodate rarely used appliances, cookware, fruit baskets and other minor essentials. Moreover, being open form all four sides, it makes up for an easily accessible storage.

    1. Add storage below your island countertop

    Most kitchen designs underutilize the space beneath the island countertop. The unoccupied space below the island can be used for storage after provision of drawers. Alternatively, it can be used to install an over the range microwave oven. This will clear out the space below the kitchen worktop.

    Introducing cabinets below the kitchen countertop will ensure that the surface remains clear of unnecessary appliances. The newly introduced shelves beneath the island countertop can be used to store oversized plates, cookware, magazines, and recipe books.

    1. Utilize your cabinets to the fullest

    Merely using the insides of wooden cabinets is indeed underutilizing them. The sides and the bottom of cabinets can serve you some bonus storage space when at times of need. The sides of the cabinets can be used to add a few floating shelves while the undersides of the cabinets can be equipped with a line of hooks to hang stuff lying around.

    Alternatively, introducing a magnetic strip beneath the cabinets along their length will enable them to hold spice jars with metallic lids. Furthermore, the insides of the cabinet doors can be used to strap chopping boards without causing any closing issues.

    Efficiently organizing a kitchen can bestow long-lasting impacts on people. Individuals might as well develop cooking as a hobby once they turn their messy kitchens to well-organized ones.

    The size of your kitchen should not be able to manipulate your cooking experiences. However, it can if you let it. Upon following the tips mentioned earlier, we doubt you’d ever again be reluctant concerning your kitchen.

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