• Panel Perfect – A Look at 5 Common Panels in the Industry

    Go on to any construction or building site, and you will see the use of access panels as a complimentary install to walls, flooring or ceilings. Their versatility, matched with functionality makes them a choice that contractors can rely on but more importantly a choice product that allows clients to maintain all their needs and necessities still. While they are versatile and functional all in one – there are some things about panels that need to be considered as not all panels are made equal, let alone with the same purpose. It is important to consider what the goal or the use of the access door will be because it is from there that a contractor can make the proper recommendation of which panel to go with.


    We look at five of the standard panels that are installed on any commercial, residential or business site. Through an understanding of their pros and cons – then you may find yourself informed as to what the next best panel is for you and your project.


    Fire Rated Access Panel


    When it comes to industrial and commercial spaces that have high exposure to heat – or there is an emitting of high temperatures, like in a kitchen, fire rated access panel would be a high recommendation. Installing a fire rated access panel can prevent the spreading of fire, should one break out but it can also contain the heat and temperature in that exclusive area. Contractors who have clients with these needs know that the fire rated access panel comes with different grades and levels based on their purpose, both client and contractor will need to ensure they understand what it is they would want their panel to serve.


    This panel offers security and peace of mind, especially for clients who own companies that there are possibilities of fire or high heat. From the material which composes the fire rated panel, some panels also have an extra added coating which further enhances its functionality.


    Flush Access Panels


    Clients who are looking for a panel that is subtle or that can be conveniently hidden or masked would go with the flush access panel. One of the great things about the flush access panel is that it is, compared to most access panels in the market the most aesthetically appealing and versatile. It can come as drywall or a metal appeal.


    Its versatility in appearance allows it to maintain its functionality while being concealed or serving its purpose. Whether the goal of a flush access panel is to hide an electric box or wiring or possibly to act as hidden storage – the flat panel is typically used in residential or business spaces where aesthetics is everything.


    Security Access Panels


    Have a space that highly secured or that you need to enhance security for? The Security access panel is made using the strongest impenetrable metals in the market. While they often look like their purpose, their sleek finish truly speaks of its ability to protect under all conditions and pressure. Security access panels can be installed in homes or businesses – wherever, there is a need for high-end security. Often designed with a double latch, these can be mounted either on the floor or roof.


    The ability to customize the size of the panels means that they can protect even the smallest of spaces to the largest doors. What makes the security access panel a choice for added protection is that the installation and the use of the panel do not require on technology – instead of a key, a turn and a latch.


    Duct Access Panels


    For spaces where there is a need for routine access or maintenance, the installation of a duct access panel can be a welcomed consideration for the contractors doing the work. For example, plumbing or wiring that is often hidden behind large and often heavy objects can now be quickly and safely concealed behind a duct access panel. The next time work needs to be done, or a check-up on ductwork is required, a duct access panel makes it easily accessible for inspection or maintenance. Similarly, to the flush panels, they are aesthetically appealing as well; therefore, not jeopardizing the appearance of a space.


    Insulated Access Panels


    The access panel, in general, is a versatile choice of building product especially when you choose an insulated access panel. Insulated access panels can serve many purposes as well as be installed both in the interior and exterior of a space. One of the benefits of an insulated access panel is that due to it being insulated, it can also act as a sound barrier between two areas. Imagine having a server room or an HVAC unit; the insulated access panel can drown out the sounds of the machinery or the white noise that is typical of these rooms.


    On top of acting as a sound barrier, they can also assist in the regulation of temperature because of it being insulated. When you install it in the exterior, a client can rest assured that they won’t have to worry or be concerned about the temperature on the outside because the panel will be insulated. It’s important to remember though, that like the fire rated access panels, depending on the purpose and goal, a contractor and client must both understand the needs to pick the perfect panel.


    Picking a panel


    As there are so many panels to choose from, we’ve merely chosen five of the most commonly purchased panels in the market. It is important that whether you are a contractor or a client when it comes to selecting the perfect panel, you do your research, and you understand what it is you want the panel to accomplish. Is it to drown out the sounds of an HVAC system or is it to add that extra layer of security – whatever your needs are, understand your expectations of what you want the panel to do.



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