• Cabinet Refacing as a Way to Achieve Your Desired Online Kitchen Cabinet Designs

    A common problem experienced by Kitchen Magic clienteles is they are satisfied with the cabinets they own, as well as the color of the paint in their kitchen. However, there is a right time to change countertops that are outdated. These old countertops would be replaced by new and high-quality granite slabs.


    After seeing and being aware of the existence of brand new countertops, they came to the conclusion that their cabinets are indeed outdated. Now, what action should they take?

    Cabinet Refacing: The Simplest Way to Replace Cabinets underneath Your Granite

    There is no need to panic. Instead of spending a huge amount of money on a new countertop and regretting afterward, there is another option for you: cabinet refacing. You will receive the same quality and look you want for a cheaper price of custom-made cabinets. Aside from that, there is an assurance that your granite would be intact.

    You don’t know what cabinet refacing is? Follow our Cabinet Refacing page in order to be updated with videos that can help you understand the process of refacing as well as what to expect if you undergo the process.

    You might ask “Isn’t it possible to just move the granite slab, find a replacement for the cabinets, and just the slab in its original place?” Well, there are times that customers become wary of refacing. That is understandable. However, you must consider the fact that refacing can actually provide the same effect of brand new cabinets in a short span of time, without any hassles, and with a reasonable price.

    The thing you must be concerned with is moving the granite slab the moment it has been installed; this can cause the slab to break which could also result in additional expenses. Once they have been damaged, chipped, or cracked, it is impossible to fix those granite slabs. In the process of separating the slabs from the cabinet, one must be very careful since it is an almost impossible job to do. Through separation, the granite might be at risk. Aside from that, your manufacturer’s warranty might be void once you try to remove your granite. That is a big no-no.

    You can learn why refacing is the best solution for you through downloading our free refacing guide. You can also see examples of kitchens that have undergone refacing.

    Another question that might pop up in your mind is “If I reface my cabinets, will they look like brand new ones?” Fortunately for you, they will look new. Cabinet refacing undergoes an innovative process which makes it help saving landfills, decrease your expenses, and make your kitchen look like it was entirely remodeled. This could greatly help in improving the looks of your kitchen cabinets; almost the same as the online kitchen cabinets you often see. You are not convinced? Check out our top 8 amazing kitchen transformations, all of these kitchens used refacing solutions.


    The following are the benefits of cabinet refacing – the only option that can guarantee the preservation of your granite slab!


    1. Your existing cabinets will be reinforced. There is a certain number of occasions wherein it is not a possibility anymore to undergo cabinet refacing. This occurs when your cabinets have been structurally injured and cannot be repaired or the frames have been damaged by water. In other instances, our crews will make use of a process called proprietary cabinet frame reinforcement. This process will help bulk up your cabinet frames if needed. This will make your “new” cabinets acquire the same quality that fully custom cabinets have.


    1. You can have any look from online kitchen cabinets you see. Fortunately, cabinet refacing can give you the style and aesthetic you want; the same with the designs of online kitchen cabinets you often come across with. You can make use of this process in terms of beautifying your kitchen cabinets. We make use of indestructible laminate cabinet doors, and hardwood cabinets that are beautiful. Aside from that, we also offer options for cabinet doors that looks like it is made of metal. There are numerous door styles ranging from the traditional ones to modern which complements any design or style.


    1. It’s a sustainable kitchen renovation option. If you compare cabinet refacing to full cabinet replacement options, it is undeniable that the former is more sustainable and eco-friendly compared to the latter. With full cabinet replacement, we have to tear out all the components of your old cabinet – where in fact most still function well – in order to install the new materials. It would be a waste, right? It will only add up to the percentage of trashes in landfills. If you choose cabinet refacing, you are able to re-purpose the structural components as well as the cabinet frame. The only things you need to replace in the process are the finishes and the doors.


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