• 5 Tips for making the most of outdoor furniture Melbourne all year round

    Melbourne’s climate can be ideal for spending time outside when the sun’s at its peak, or when you’re looking to chill outdoors with the help of your small fountains for your garden when the temperatures are on the decline. Rather than relying on perfect conditions to enjoy your space, thoughtful tinkering with your outdoor furniture can see your area in use all year round, for maximum enjoyment and comfort – no matter what our famously unpredictable weather is thinking of dishing up.

    Shade and shelter are must-haves for your space

    With temperatures ranging from super hot to European-like winters, you’ll need shelter and shade to see your space in maximal use.

    Sturdy outdoor umbrellas, inbuilt overhead covers, or the versatility of a remote-controlled, pull-out shelter can make sure that – rain or shine – it’s easy to accommodate for entertaining or having guests around. This also allows you to keep your furniture in optimal condition for the long-haul, protecting them from fading in the sun or from the elements.

    Bring warmth to your space for winter

    Cooler weather is no excuse to crawl indoors when you’ve put the hard work into creating an amazing space outside. Bringing warmth to this area solves the temptation of sneaking back under the covers, and makes sure you’re getting mileage out of your external escape.

    To keep the heat on the upwards outside, it’s a good idea to:

    ● Invest in a good portable heater;
    ● Shield your space from the wind with pull-down plastic barriers that add a layer of insulation;
    ● Add the charm of an outdoor fireplace to a sheltered section of your space and enjoy winter nights with the smoky scent and comfort of timber;

    Versatility is key to keeping up with the changing weather that Melbourne’s so well known for, so making these additions fit seamlessly into your needs is a necessity to mastering the art of maximal outdoor use. These additions are low-maintenance and high impact, giving you plenty of options at a moment’s notice, all year round.
    1. Keep your outdoor furniture on the ground

    There’s a balance between portability and stability in outdoor furniture. Both can be great aspects for your space, with design dictating their durability.

    Portable garden furniture is the most versatile option though and gives you room to play around with your design. Unlike the sturdy anchorage of a heavy, solid table, however, portable options might not withstand windy weather. For items like umbrellas and some forms of seating, it might mean adding weight to make sure they stay in place – or even anchoring them to the courtyard if the design allows for permanent positioning.

    2. Invest in outdoor accessories to help you transition between trends and seasons

    A minimal, sleek selection of outdoor furniture leaves plenty of leeway for accessorizing. The primary pieces that you’ve invested in are a canvas that can be completely transformed to take on a new life through trendy accessories like outdoor cushions, lighting, new fabrics, and water features.

    They’re also perfect additions to add comfort to your collection as the seasons begin to shift; leaving you with a perfectly tailored experience that meets your needs and gives you ultimate comfort and outdoor charm.
    3. Low maintenance garden furniture Melbourne makes it easy to get among the greenery

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    Spending time in nature is good for the soul. Having dedicated garden furniture to sit at and enjoy your splice of Melbourne’s atmosphere is a pleasure, and is best enjoyed when your garden furniture is easy to maintain.

    Striking the right balance of stunning design and easy cleaning is key to making the most of these pieces, however. As a rule of thumb, durable metal, plastic, and timber options (that are portable and easy to position) are the best choices for year-round versatility.

    Pro tip: Take a leaf out of Melbourne’s cafe lifestyle and make sure you have somewhere you can tip your garden seating to avoid wet seats in rainy weather. Choose items that have a wide base that won’t sink into damp soil when the wet weather passes.

    Are you looking for the perfect piece for your outdoor space? View our collections for stylish outdoor furniture across Melbourne and beyond. To get the best sense of scale and style, Please Visit Cosh Living Melbourne where you’ll find our full online catalogue.

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