All weather rugs: All you need to know

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Outdoor rugs aka all weather rugs are the latest favorite to use as décor in our exterior home spaces. They can be set in different areas outside — such as the porch, patio, veranda or balcony. Be it the balconies or the lounge area you can now personalize it according to the rest of the interiors. All-weather rugs are termed because they can be kept outdoors and are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.

There are several varieties of all-weather rugs available in the market, and it is natural to get confused about what to choose among them. One thing for sure is that they should suit your taste and preferences perfectly. And the good news is that, the market offers a myriad of styles and materials for outdoor rugs. Hence, you can decorate verandah or patio or any space as you wish. Therefore, let’s see how to choose the perfect all-weather rug for your home.

The material type should be your primary concern

Any kind of material for outdoor rugs should be chosen according to where you shall place your rug — be it the balcony, mud room, or high-traffic entrance ways. Let’s have a look at the popular material choices for all-weather rugs.

Natural Fibre Outdoor Rugs

Among the natural variety of rug materials, bamboo and sisel are quite prominent. Bamboo is strong and hence greatly suits and furnishes any outdoor space. They are also water and mold resistant, and are there by perfect for all weather conditions. They generally last for around five to ten years depending on the area, making them long-lasting too. Another prominent one in natural material is sisal. They are durable fibers and do not attract dust. Hence it is a good idea to use them outdoors, especially in a country like India, where dust and pollution are common. However, one should remember that they may be prone to stains. These natural fiber varieties add great value to the surroundings. In addition, these rugs are bio-degradable, making it a huge plus point for consumers using eco-friendly products.

Synthetic Outdoor Rugs

Coming to the case of synthetic rugs, they are generally easy to maintain, clean and are stain resistant. They are budget friendly thus attracting majority of Indian households towards themt. They have the same look of rugs with high quality. The common and most used synthetic rugs include olefin and acrylic. Olefin is mostly used for outdoor purposes due to its vibrancy with color and its water resistant capacity. Acrylic further is well known to have great bright colors which give a silky feel and appealing appearance.

Some of the other fibers which are strong and resistant to water and weather are jute and hemp. They can sustain, absorb and also adds texture. Plastic rugs are new in the market which is made with bright colors. These are very lightweight. Hence you do not need to think twice to carry them where ever you want.

Consider the size and shape

Make sure you do not buy the improper size of the rug; it may ruin the look. Measure the size of the area and shop accordingly. The rugs in the market generally are available in many sizes and shapes; hence it should not be difficult to find the right size which will suit our needs. Further, it is always a smart idea to use different rugs to different spaces, be it the verandah, entryway, or balcony.

Some of the most available rugs in the market are rectangular shaped rugs, round shaped ones, square shaped and oval shaped rugs. The rectangular rugs are mostly very common and are available from ancient times. They are among the long-running rugs and can be used in a wide range of areas and furnishings — due to their versatility of placement. However, round shaped rugs are best suited for small-sized areas and amidst furniture places. Coming to the case of square shaped rugs, they are more or less like rectangular rugs which fit around and defines most of the places. It is well suited in outdoor areas due to its compact size. The oval shaped rugs are best suited in hallways and entrance areas. They add aesthetic value due to their surroundings.

And how about patterns?!

What is not available in today’s market? There are several varieties and designs available. These may be bright, with stripes or with geometrics, plain or as you may want them to be. You should choose these patterns as per your surroundings in the area and what room or space you are planning to fit the rug in. Make sure that your rug is visible and compliments the area rather than being hidden amidst the surroundings.

The most sought patterns among rugs are stripes, geometric patterns, bright and solid colors, and borders. The striped rugs — which can come in zigzag or parallel stripes — are good for outdoor places in order to decorate and add intensity to space. Geometric patterns, on the other hand, are unique which can be added to both indoor and outdoor as per the choice of color and nature of surroundings. The solid and bright rugs are generally single colored ones which are supposed to be paired with different other styles and patterns to add more intensity. Lastly, the bordered rugs look good near


Although there are several types of rugs and patterns available in the market, one should make sure that they are well maintained in order to last long. Always follow the instructions available from the manufacturer which suits the type of rug you are purchasing. Clean the rugs on both sides, or else dust will accumulate. This is a special case for an outdoor rug. Further, in case of any stains, remove them immediately with the help of soda. In case you want to store a rug, store in a cool place by rolling it properly.

All-weather rugs are perfect for your outdoor spaces and high-traffic areas since they are non-slippery, durable & waterproof, and weather-resistant. With several such options and ranges available on, use this guide to pick your best choice of all-weather rugs. We can customize your preferred choice of color or design in any size you want .Happy shopping!

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