Office Space Transitioning Away from a Traditional Cubicle Environment Leveraging Natural Light and Extra Height | Tatvam Concepts

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Our office  space is in a heritage building that was built by the British. The  13’ high ceiling as well as the large windows were what was very essential for us to retain and convert the space into an unmatched and rare working space. Naturally our priority was to use the extra height and natural light to our advantage. 

Office Space Transitioning Away from a Traditional Cubicle Environment Leveraging Natural Light and Extra Height | Tatvam Concepts

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Our sliding louvered partition enables natural light to flow through the office as well as allows for an open office plan. The old teak wood of the windows and doors were Minimilistically repaired and retained and teamed with woven cane to bring out the best of the heritage and old-world charm.

For offices that are transitioning away from a traditional cubicle environment, an easy first step for us was to completely do away with the walls. Since ours is a young and creative team of professionals, we kept in mind to provide Ergonomical furniture, a fun element of streaming music, lots of natural light and of course a lot of green plants which has been shown to increase employee well-being and talent. 

A lot of thought was put into making our office feel more inviting with increasing productivity and creativity as the main focus and source of inspiration The hand painted sliding partition was very artistically incorporated to provide a stimulus to the young minds.

To allow for a more relaxed atmosphere we used calming color choices. Pastel Green, used for the feature wall of the meeting area, was a perfect choice for a creative office space.  The dark wood, our customized ceiling lights, pale neutrals and warm natural tones, our office brought about a sense of freshness and warmth.


Designed by : Tatvam Concepts

Project Type :  Office Space

Project Name : Tatvam Concepts Office

Location :  Kolkata, Park Street

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 3 Months

Project Size : 650

Project Cost Appx : 20 Lakhs

Principal Interior Designer : Sakshi Arora Poddar

Team Design Credits : Aritra Mitra

Photograph Courtesy : Inclined Studio

Products and Materials : Finishes – PU and Wood Polish | Wallcovering / Cladding –Paint and Texture Paint | Lighting – Customized Spot Lights in Aluminium Tracks | Doors and Partitions – Teakwood Louvered Partition, a Black and White Hand Painted Mural on Office Sliding Door, Cane Partitions | Windows – French Windows Remodeled and Retained in Teak Wood | Furniture – A Porcelain Desktop Against the Camel Brown of a 4 Seater, Wooden Desk Base and Wooden Chairs With Cane Back | Flooring – Laminates, Printed Black and White Tiles, Terrazo Print Tiles | Paint – Sea Green Paint on Molded Walls, Concrete Textured Paint | Hardware-Hafele

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